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ALCS Game 3: Johnny Cueto Day pt. 3

Johnny Cueto makes his 3rd postseason start as the Royals look to take a commanding 3-0 American League Championship Series lead.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is exciting.

The Royals jumped out to a 2 game Championship Series lead over the weekend, in some of the most "Royals" ways possible. And, all of the sudden, this team's got a bit of "destiny" feeling to them.

Now the series shifts back to the spot where the sport was forever ended. Seriously, I made my first and only mistake when I called the Toronto fans friendly Canadians last time and I promise you I won't be doing it again.

Johnny Cueto will make his 3rd start this postseason, and I know that gets the sugars up of everyone around these parts. As well it should, because Johnny Cueto is awesome and if you don't believe me, just ask Johnny Cueto. He'll look to repeat his dominating ALDS Game 5 performance from last week when he fanned eight unfortunate Astros all while sitting down the last 19 batters he faced.

Opposite of Cueto will be the equally entertaining Marcus Stroman, all of 24 years old and making his 3rd ever postseason start. Stroman's been electric, both in stuff and in attitude. The dude is just a fun baseball player playing like baseballers should.

Should be fun.

Go Johnny, you're our favorite former Red pitching in this game!