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ALDS Game Threes GameThread

Whole lotta baseball goin' down in Texas!

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

For baseball today, we'll head to the Lone Star State, where the Astros will hand the ball over to their ace Dallas Keuchel to protect their newfound home field advantage, while the Royals will turn it over to another former Red, 8-time defending Rookie of the Year Edinson Volquez.

Get this: If you asked Royals fans which former Reds pitcher they prefer, I'm almost certain they'd take Volquez over Cueto. Royals fans have been hatin' hard on Cueto, and it makes me sad.

They'll kick it off in Houston at Enron Field at 4:10pm EDT.

At 8:10pm EDT, we'll turn our focus 250 miles or so north to Arlington, Texas, where the Walkers will attempt to sweep the second coming of the '27 Yankees right outta this postseason. The 6 is going to have to get the bats going, and quick, or they're going to be watching the rest of this show from the North. And winter is coming.

Marco Estrada will go for the Jays, Martin Perez for the Rangers. Can the underdog Rangers do it again?

It's Sunday. It's postseason baseball. Go get yourself a cold one and the remote and settle in for another nice long sports day.

I'm posting this early enough for football, too, if that's your thing. Talk about the Fightin' Gingers against the Legion of Boom here, if you'd like.