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Photographs of old baseball team custom coaches

pr' cool, guys.

A friend of mine lives up in Loudonville, OH, former-home of the Flxible company. They manufactured buses and coaches and mass-transit autos way back in the 20th century, when such things were done in the American Middlewest.

The factory is pretty much vacant now, but my friend's barber apparently managed to procure a selection of the company's photograph archives. My friend convinced her to scan these photos to create digital copies, and apparently was drafted into doing it himself. When he was sorting through all of these old photographs, he came across the stack of photos you see below.

Flxible manufactured a number of custom coaches for university athletic programs, sports teams, and other mucky-mucks. The Negro Leagues were apparently a big customer for the company, as these photos suggest a number of Negro League clubs rode around the country in Flxible coaches. The one above belonged to an Augusta Baseball Club, but my Google searching didn't really give me any insight into which one.

Four-in-one! I think this one is my favorite because there are four buses instead of just one and they provide that really informative caption at the bottom.

This one belonged to the Scranton Red Sox. Defroster fans and a two-speaker radio? Oh, la la!

I'm most excited to see what the internet can do with this photograph. We don't have any reliable date information for this pic like some of the others, but there are plenty of really interesting old ballplayers in front of that Clown bus. Oh, and one well-dressed fellow. I wonder if he was the team's butler or something.

A very hearty thanks to Joe Kaiser of Loudonville, OH for the hook-up.