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Red Reposter - Todd Frazier Says Just Say No To Drugs

Reds links: Arbitration numbers, Aroldis Chapman as international barometer of baseball worth, 99 year old ladies, and players going home to attend awards ceremonies.

What little boy doesn't grow up dreaming of being named the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association's Native Son?
What little boy doesn't grow up dreaming of being named the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association's Native Son?
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The deadline to file salary numbers for arbitration hearings was Friday, so we got to see where Aroldis Chapman, Devin Mesoraco, and Todd Frazier stand versus the Reds this year. The final numbers are as follows (from Mark Sheldon,

- Chapman, $8.7M, Reds, $6.65M

- Frazier,$5.7, Reds, $3.9

- Mesoraco, $3.6M, Reds $2.45M

While the total difference of $5M (exactly $5M = Illuminati, pretty sure) between three players is a bit wide, I doubt it makes much of a difference in the end. By my records, Walt Jocketty hasn't gone to an actual arbitration hearing since Darren Oliver's in 1999 (which the Cardinals won, incidentally). So I'm guessing we'll see either multi-year or midpoint deals for all three. I think in all three cases, the numbers look vaguely ok from a value perspective, and for what comparable players are filing (e.g., Greg Holland - $9M/$6.65M; Eric Hosmer - $6.7M/$4.6M).

Asked about playing in the MLB, the Pirates's new shortstop Kang Jung-Ho specifically named facing Aroldis Chapman as something he's looking forward to, saying "I can only be a great player if I can hit Chapman." I wouldn't know, but I imagine that's a pretty nice thing to have said about you. Actually, let's just make this the new Hall of Fame qualification. It's unrealistic as a retroactive test, just given decay, aging, etc., etc., but assuming we divert, say, a bajillion dollars per year to giving Aroldis Chapman eternal youth, I think it's a workable plan going forward.

99 year old Bessie Hill of Malta, Ohio's favorite Reds players are Joey Votto, Aroldis Chapman and Johnny Cueto. Bessie has some excellent taste.

This was the week for Reds players to go to home and attend awards banquets and other stuff, as Joey Votto attended the 3rd Annual Baseball Canada banquet and fundraiser, where he spoke about how Canada is really really awesome, and getting old sucks. Wise words, Mr. Votto. Also, apparently Pat Gillick admitted that he scouted Joey Votto once, and didn't think he was that great, and that was dumb. You are right, Mr. Gillick, that was hella dumb. For those of you subscribing to the Joey Votto fashion newsletter, this is what he wore:

Meanwhile, Johnny Cueto attended an awards ceremony for the Liga de Béisbol Profesional de la República Dominicana, held in his hometown of San Pedro de Macoris, and Todd Frazier spoke to high school students in Toms River, New Jersey, telling them not to do drugs.  Frazier also won the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association Native Son Award, so it's been a big week for him. (Incidentally, the Native Son award has been won by a woman, and they do not change the name of the award).

Since this is my first Reposter, and I managed to sneak in a KBO reference without really having to try at all, I'll reward myself by forcing you to listen to some GLAM, in honor of their recent disbandment. Fun game: guess which one of these girls is about to go to prison for extortion!