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Look forward to next year: 2015 schedule released

Pirates bookend the Reds' All-Star Season. 156 other games also will be played.

Justin K. Aller

The Reds released their 2015 schedule today, and it includes a lot of games that will not be played by the 2014 Reds.

Most notable is a NL Central-ful April, in which 22 of the Reds' 23 games will be against division rivals. The opening series will be against the Pirates, with a home opener on April 6 and then Game 2 -- which real fans will attend -- on Wednesday, April 8. They also play April into May with 19 straight games, which is pretty heavy for the early season.

Also of note is that the Ohio Cup will be a bit more serious this year, with 6 games against the hated Cleveland team spread across a couple of weekend series. The Reds will also face the Royals (2@KC, 2vKC), 3@CWS, and 3vMIN, which should be a pretty manageable slate as far as interleague is concerned.

The West Coast Swing will be in full fledge in August. After a 3-game series hosting the Cards, the Reds will duck out west in the middle of the month to face Arizona, San Diego, and 4 vs. the Dodgers in order. The Giants' series will be after a 10-game homestand in September, and the Rockies are at the end of July.

The regular season will end with a three-game series hosting the Cubs, then a trip to Pittsburgh to wrap up on Sunday, October 4.

What do you think? I bet whatever it is, it's better-feeling than this year.