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Mesoraco's only one man. Unfortunately, the bullpen's 7. Reds lose 9-7

The Golem crushed everything that came his way. But so did the Orioles.

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Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Devin Mesoraco treated Baltimore so badly that David Simon is going to write a miniseries about it. The Golem went 4-4 on the day with two singles, a sac fly, a double, and a home run.

Jason Bourgeois gets some dap for going 2-5 from the leadoff spot spelling Billy Hamilton. Pedro "Señor September" Villareal had a nice little showing with 2IP, 1H, 1BB, 3K.

Key Plays

  • The bottom of the first was a bear. Nick Markakis, who I probably like more than he's worth, led off with a single. After a De Aza flyout and Jones strikeout (two outs!), Nelson Cruz homered, Davis doubled, Hardy walked, Kelly Johnson doubled Davis home and Nick Hundley homered, ummm, home Hardy and Johnson. Schoop grounded out, but the score was 6-0 early.
  • The Reds made some noise in the third, as as Barnhart walk and Bourgeois and Santiago singles loaded the bases. Frazier worked a walk to bring one in and Mesoraco flew out to bring in the other. Lutz struck out to end the thread with the Reds down 6-2.
  • Schoop atoned for his first inning groundout in the first by hitting a solo shot in the fourth to make the score 7-2.
  • Mesoraco crushed the anti-Semetic elements of Prague society a baseball in the sixth to bring the score to 7-3.
  • Brad Bach was brought into the game in the 7th and his concerto failed. Elmore struck out to lead off, but Barnhart and Borgeouis singles to go with a Santiago walk loaded the bases again for Frazier. This time he struck out. But with Mesoraco at the plate, a wild pitch allowed Barnhart to score and Devin himself brought on Borgeouis and Santigold with a double to make it a one-run game. Lutz then singled up the middle to bring home Mesoraco and tie the game at 7. That was good!
  • Parra and LeCure did quite the 2014 in the seventh, though. Markakis led off again on a single, and though De Aza's bunt was really bad Parra decided to get the even easier out at first rather than get the Greek. LeCure came in to allow a Jones single and walk Cruz before striking out Davis on a beautiful backdoor two-seamer. Looking like they were out of it, LeCure ran the count to 3-0 before fighting back on Hardy and then allowing J.J. to get a two-run single. Dang. Orioles 9-7.
  • That was all.


Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • The Reds make like it's the 1960s and get the hell out of Baltimore tonight. They'll host Bartolo Colon and the New York Mets tomorrow at 7:10 p.m. ET, with Alfredo Simon on the mound.
  • Yorman's debut was 0-3 and being lifted for a pinch-hitting Brayan Pena in the seventh. Still, he had good defense and looked not-embarrassing. That's a bonus in this outfield.
  • Tucker Barnhart hasn't really hit yet, but he has a good eye at-bat and seems to really control the game as a backstop. He'll probably marinate another year in AAA and get acquainted with some of the Reds big prospect arms, but I like him a lot.
  • I of course like Devin Mesoraco a lotter.
  • Mike Leake is still on pace to cross 200 innings for the first time in his career. Unless he does more of this sorta thing.
  • I mentioned David Simon, so Tunes One.
  • This has been playing nonstop in the Schourek household, so Tune Two.