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Reds lost. But you knew that already, didn't you?

I dunno, man. Is anything even important now?

Baseball looks so good from way up here
Baseball looks so good from way up here
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Zack Cozart hit a home run. Aroldis Chapman pitched for the first time since you gave a shit.

Key Plays

The Cardinals hit a couple of home runs to kill this game before it even started.



Other Notes

  • Instead of watching this game, I went out to see A Walk Among the Tombstones, the latest installment in the Liam Neeson is a Badass franchise. It was pretty good. Kinda like a good episode of SVU.
  • I had some bad sushi last night. Or, I think it was bad sushi. Maybe sushi doesn't agree with my tummy. This is the second or third time this has happened in the last year or so. I'm starting to wonder if I should eat sushi at all. I really like sushi, especially because it makes me look real hip when I eat it and write about it. But if it's gonna upset my tum-tum, I might have to stick to Pop Tarts.
  • While I was laid up on the couch this afternoon with sushi belly, I caught Amélie on the movie channel. I really love that movie. It is so adorable, and it has that unique kind of quaint that French movies have. I'd call it a je ne sais quoi, but that would be a bit too much on the néz, mais oui?
  • Jordache
  • I bought a record player recently, on the rec of my good friend, -ManBryanHarris. He's a real cool guy, if you didn't know already. He knows his shit real well. Like, it impresses my other friends when I talk about my friend the cool guy that knows records and booze and other cool stuff. Anyway, I bought the record player and I've been scouring the local used record outlets for good jams. I picked up Here Comes Rhymin' Simon last week and I've been jammin' to Kodachrome all day. The Reds make me feel lousy recently, but this tune bounces like springtime hope. Next season will begin before you know it, and it will be great.