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Red-io Reporter - Afternoon Drive Edition

Talkin' bout chest hair, talkin' bout crazy cool medallions.

With more hot air than it took to blow that bubble.
With more hot air than it took to blow that bubble.
Joe Robbins

I hopped on Louisville's 1450 AM The Sports Buzz  to talk Cincinnati Reds baseball, the trade deadline, Sharknado, Sharknado, Ian Ziering, and Sharknado with Trevor Kelsey of The Afternoon Drive on Thursday.

We spoke of some of the difficulties the Reds have faced this season, how that impacted their trade deadline strategy (or perhaps the lack thereof), and the players that have exceeded and fallen short of expectations the most so far in 2014.  There's also a heaping serving of Tara Reid, Billy Ray Cyrus, Al Roker, guy from Airplane, and Ziering love as Thursday's show was the first since the Wednesday night premiere of Sharknado 2.

And what a premier it was.

The show started right at 4 PM ET, exactly when the flurry of late deadline trades were hitting the wire, so while I don't jump in until the 25 minute mark, there's plenty of baseball chat in the first segment, too.

Check it!