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Reds at Rockies, Game 1: Preview and Predictions

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Joe Robbins

CCincinnati Reds @ Colorado Rockies

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Coors Field

Alfredo Simon v. Jorge de la Rosa



They've been headed this way for weeks, maybe even longer. For some reason, though, that .500 record staring you in the face is the difference between optimism and pessimism. Above .500, it feels like you've got a shot. Today, more realistic heads are prevailing. Realistically, the Reds probably need to win at least 30 of their last 42 games.

That won't be easy, but they have a good chance to get in it with this road trip. They face the hapless Rockies for 4, before heading to St. Louis for a series where they can make up some ground in the race. This is the crucial stretch right here, and they're about to have to face it without Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Homer Bailey.

The Reds will start their trip with Alfredo Simon on the mound. We're far past the honeymoon stage with Simon at this point. His All-Star campaign was great, but he's been mediocre since then. He's started 5 games since the break, and the Reds have lost all of them, and his ERA is up around 5 since then. That has to change if the Reds are to have a shot.

He'll face Jorge de la Rosa, who's been solid lately for Colorado. He hasn't gone less than 6 innings since June 18th, so the Reds will need to do their damage against him. Luckily, de la Rosa hasn't been good against the Reds to the tune of a 8.49 ERA in 10 games (4 of them starts).

Jay Bruce is back tonight. They'll need him.

Go Reds! They're my favorite team!

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Bullpen Log

Reliever 8/9 8/10 8/11 8/12 8/13 5 day totals
Aroldis Chapman 1.0, 25p

1.0, 14p 2.0 IP, 39 pitches
Jonathan Broxton 1.0, 16p

1.0, 18p
2.0 IP, 34 pitches
Sam LeCure 0.2, 20p

1.0, 11p 1.2 IP, 31 pitches
Jumbo Diaz 1.1, 22p

1.0, 15p

2.1 IP, 37 pitches

Manny Parra

1.0, 15p 1.0 IP, 15 pitches
Carlos Contreras

0.0 IP, 0 pitches
J.J. Hoover
1.0, 18p

1.0, 15p 2.0 IP, 33 pitches