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Organizational Injury Report 8/11/2014 - Peña Banged Up

Brayan Peña has a minor hamstring issue but is not going on the DL

Farewell, David Vidal
Farewell, David Vidal

Once again, there hasn't been much to speak of on the injury front for the MLB club in the last week, which is of course a good thing.  The only new issue is that backup catcher and emergency 1B Brayan Peña is dealing with hamstring soreness.  He hurt his hamstring running to 1B on a clean single in his first at-bat on August 8.  It seems to be a minor enough issue that will only require a little rest, as Peña isn't on the DL and made a pinch hitting appearance on August 9.  Since he won't be playing the field for a few days, Donald Lutz was optioned back to AAA in favor of Tucker Barnhart, who will perform as the backup catcher.

I think it is worth mentioning that this year is once again shaping up to be overall a very healthy one for the members of the starting rotation.  As we know, in 2012 not a single member of the starting 5 missed even a single start.  Last year, 4 of the starting 5 made 30+ starts, with Cingrani picking up nearly all the slack from Cueto's injury so that those six combined for 156 of the team's 162 starts on the season.  This year, Mat Latos began the year on the DL, but this was from an injury he sustained at the end of last season.  Apart from that, Tony Cingrani is the only other pitcher to have missed any starts.  Maybe Bryan Price has that magic touch for keeping his starters healthy, or maybe this is just a very durable class of guys the Reds have been fortunate to own over the past four or five seasons.

In the minors, at AAA Louisville, SP Chad Rogers was activated from the DL on August 5 after missing 50 days with shoulder tendinitis, SP Mikey O'Brien was placed on the 7-day DL on August 4 with a sprained toe, and RP Elvin Ramirez was released on August 5.  At AA Pensacola, RP Scott Maine was released on August 7.

At A+ Bakersfield, SP Drew Cisco was activated on August 7 after missing 8 days.  In a somewhat surprising move (to me), C/3B David Vidal was released, even though he is hitting better than he has in 3 years while transitioning to the catcher position.  My prospect crush is now officially over, sadly.

At A- Dayton, RP Evan Mitchell was activated on August 4 after missing 74 days with an undisclosed injury.  OF Jonathan Reynoso was activated on August 6 after missing the (supposed) minimum 7 days, and OF Gabriel Rosa was placed on the 7-day DL on August 6.  Current injury statuses in the Reds organization can be found via the link.