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Reds dodge balls, unfortunately weren't playing Dodgeball. MIL 5, CIN 2

It's hard to put into words how not-Redsy that Reds evening was. Poor defense paved the way, and a tough loss was handed to the good guys.

I love these guys, though.
I love these guys, though.
Mike McGinnis

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Billy Hamilton went 2 for 4 with his 6th dinger of the season, and was the primary bright spot in an otherwise lackluster, poorly executed "big" game against the Milwaukee Brewers this evening.  The dinger brought Hamilton's season slugging percentage to a robust .424, a mark now higher than every player who has played for the Reds this season not named Todd Frazier, Devin Mesoraco, or...Kris Negron.

Speaking of which, a very honorable mention is due to Negron, who walloped his 2nd dinger of the season as a pinch hitter in the 8th inning to bring said slugging percentage up to an even 1.000.

Other Honorable Mentions are due to:  Mat Latos, who didn't have a great night yet had one that deserved much better than what his defense gave him; Skip Schumaker, for going 2 for 4 with a double; and Carlos Contreras, for tossing a clean 8th inning in relief.

Key Plays

  • Filth flarn filth flarn filth hit the fan for the Cincinnati Reds in the Bottom of the 3rd thanks in large part to a Jean Segura leadoff smash off the wall in right-center.  Billy Hamilton'sfielded and hit 2B Ramon Santiago, but in an attempt to nail Segura at 3B Santiago's throw hit the runner and ricocheted into the dugout, scoring Segura on an offical triple and throwing error.  A single by Wily Peralta after a lengthy AB and a subsequent single by Carlos Gomez followed, and Ryan Braun then hit a looping fly ball that Chris Heisey terribly misjudged that ultimately went over the LF's head for a 2-run double.  Oof.  Reds trailed, 3-0.
  • Heisey was again the goat in the Bottom of the 4th, unfortunately, as the would-be 3rd out of the inning resulted in a deep fly ball that the Reds' LF lost in the lights, and it landed for a run-scoring double thanks to a previous Segura single.  Gomez then stole 3B, and scored on an error by newly chanced 1B Donald Lutz.  Reds trailed, 5-0.
  • Hamilton dingered to keep us entertained at the start of the Top of the 6th, and Negron led off the Top of the 8th with a solo battlekow of his own, but that was all the meager Reds offense could muster.  Reds lose, 5-2.
FanGraph That Cares Not for Pythagorean Record, 1st Half Success, Injury Issues, or How Bad Milwaukee's Team B.O. Is

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes
  • Hamilton is now outslugging Buster Posey, Curtis Granderson, David Wright, Yadier Molina, Pedro Alvarez, Matt Holliday, every Red you expected to be good sans Frazier & Mes, Jason Heyward, Ryan Howard, Mark Reynolds, Matt Carpenter, Allen Craig, Chase Headley, this list is going to force me to tag a hundred players, Domonic Brown, B.J. Upton, and Jean Segura, among others.  Not bad, Billy.  Not bad at all.
  • That's 4 straight losses to start the 2nd half of the season.  Not good, Reds.  Not good at all.
  • That's also a 7th consecutive road loss, which sucks fonky bananas.
  • Donald Lutz has a phenomenal mustache.
  • Tunes.