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Reds hug Brian Sabean for signing Dan Uggla

That's one disaster averted.

The Reds celebrating not signing Dan Uggla.
The Reds celebrating not signing Dan Uggla.
Mike McGinnis

The July 31st trade deadline is bearing down on the Cincinnati Reds like Kevin James on 2B in a softball game, and with the current injury situation in flux and the glut of teams "in contention," there's been a general worry about that the good guys may start taking flyers on bad players to channel their inner used-to-be-goodness.

Enter Dan Uggla.

The veteran seco...well...guy who stood between 1st and 2nd while pitchers threw pitches was released by the Atlanta Braves recently, and when he hit the market there instantly was a clamor for the Reds to sign him because, it was postulated, he'd have a good chance to see new scenery, fix being terrible, and turn back into the player he was in 2008.

Well, it appears that potential crisis has been averted, according to Ken Rosenthal.

That removes one name from the list of possible "upgrades," and the guy who has hit .175/.295/.332 with -2.1 dWAR since the start of 2013 won't be the Reds proble...err, solution.

There's still an obvious void on the right side of the infield and in the left side of the outfield, however, so there will be piles of speculation, adoration, and misinformation floating around the mystical interwebs in coming days, so stay tuned.  Corey Hart could arrive, or even Casey Kotchman, Casey McGehee, Casey Blake, Corey Brown, or even Corey Dickerson, but it's likely that the Reds will instead choose a player not named Casey or Corey to upgrade their 2014 playoff chances.

In the meantime, thank Brian Sabean for being the best wingman ever.  Remember when he signed Jeff Francoeur, too?