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Red Reposter: I prefer Chad Mottola

Our long national nightmare of Derek Jeter is over.

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We've got some big news coming up later this afternoon, but hopefully this reposter/ASG recap will tie you over until then.

Mark Sheldon has the Big Red Quotes from the All-Star Game. Also has a picture of Alfredo Simon talking into a harmonica and shrugging like a boss.

The Enquirer did a great job covering the All-Star Game, and you should check out all of C. Trent's coverage. Most interestingly to you all, perhaps, is that Selig okayed the involvement of Pete Rose in the 2015 ASG in Cincinnati. MLB.Com has a nice press release on next year's game.

Tony Blengino of Fangraphs has a retrospective/"how'd he do it?" on Alfredo Simon, which is interesting and worth reading. Beyond the Boxscore's Steve Silverman has a similar sort of thing, but without the context.

Steve Politi of the Star-Ledger has a great local take on Todd Frazier, the Frazier family, and the Home Run Derby. Frazier, of course, was the National League Derby Champ in an admittedly-silly Home Run Derby. But what's a Home Run Derby if not silly? While we're on the Todd Frazier topic, Alex Skillin of BtBS talks about how he is a very good player, and compares him to other very good third basemen.

Aroldis Chapman tweaked his hamstring during the game

, and it's been giving him problems all year so far. "We can't even catch a break at the darn All-Star Game without guys pulling up," said Devin Mesoraco, taking home the game's "WE WERE ALL THINKING IT, OKAY?" award. That all said, Chapman should be fine for this upcoming weekend's series in New York.

In the Futures Game, Jesse Winker went 1-2 with an opposite-field double that he absolutely crushed, and Robert Stephenson threw a scoreless inning. Winker's impressing the heck out of everyone, but I have to say, his smirk is at a major league level today. He could be called up next week and scoff at pitchers off the bench or even DHing in the Bronx. He could get a brawl started by being thrown at in his first major league game. I believe in this kid.

JinAZ threw down a youtube embed to an interview with Lewie Pollis, who is a sharp Sabermetrician and an intern in the Reds' front office. Give him a listen.

If you want a good cry, David G. Temple of Fangraphs talks about why Joey Votto needs his legs under him. It's complete with gifs, which go well with a tub of ice cream and Elliot Smith LPs.

On the other hand, Billy McCool.

Because lefties never die, the Reds are linked to Scott Diamond, formerly of the Minnesota Twins. Diamond's not good and never was, but shit, neither was Zach Duke and look what happened to him. Scott Diamond is also famously/amusingly part of the Rangers' vaunted DVD prospects; Diamond/Volquez/Danks. If there's one thing I've learned about baseball, it's that you never give your pitching prospects a cool nickname.


As CTR noted, somebody who was definitely and absolutely not me hung a "love water, not oil" sign in Minnesota:

-BH brought my attention to a piece entitled "Civilization's over, everybody, because people are shitting on trains." I dunno man, sounds like civilization's just getting started.

Speaking of -BH, here's an interesting article on everything you might have wanted to know about beer pricing at bars.

The absolutely insane story of why Dominoes discontinued use of their "Noid" mascot.

Via Brendannukah himself, this incredibly-acted MLS Ferris Bueller parody is incredibly-acted: