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The Best Instagram in Baseball

A word, if you will, about Johnny Cueto's photographic skillset.


Johnny Cueto is great for zillions of reasons. He has an amazing changeup. He's an incredibly hard worker. He was a pinch-runner at one point in his career. He also has the best Instagram in the business. Completely without artifice and only going back a couple of months, it's literally just a dude and his phone. No corporate tie-ins (okay maybe Miss Vickie's Chips), no team rah-rah spirit. Just mostly selfies.


...the rare raccoon...


...and freaking adorable children:


Your own mileage may vary on what the best part of the feed is. Is it food (sometimes shared with Joey Votto)? A video of Cueto climbing out of the pool? Hanging out in the meats section?


There's plenty of endearing stuff, like taking a private plane with Momma Cueto, taking a Team Dominican picture at the ASG, or shakycam video of kids playing beisbol. There's also pictures of Los Hermanos Cuetos, who I definitely want to party with.


During last night's Jeterfest, what was Cueto up to? What's Instagram FOR? Taking pictures of the seafood buffet, of course:


Johnny Cueto for All-Star. Johnny Cueto for Cy Young. Johnny Cueto for best human alive. Johnny Cueto for X-Games.

Wait, what?

Yes. Johnny Cueto for X-Games.