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Reds take Taylor Sparks with 58th pick in MLB Draft

The 3b has power and a big arm. The question is; what else?


Come on, Chris Buckley. You're looking for baseball players, not husbands. The Reds took a pitcher out of the University of Virginia, an infielder from Stanford, and now a corner guy from California-Irvine. You know what they say, you can teach athleticism but not a 200-level engineering course.

Anyways, there's not much I can find about him online. He's a big dude (6'4, 215lbs) with a big bat. There are some questions on whether he can stick at 3rd or will end up at first base or LF, but I suppose we'll see. He reminds me most of Sean Buckley, the Reds draftee who is currently hitting .185/.240/.304 in Dayton as a DH. I suppose he has Mark Reynolds-y upside.

We'll see you at the same place tomorrow. Hope it's been fun today.