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The Reds will have the 19th and 29th pick in the first round. They will also have other picks in later rounds. Hope springs eternal, but so do lefties who throw 92.

SI Vault

The 2014 Baseball Rule IV Draft starts at 7:00 p.m. ET. The Reds draft at the 19 and 29 spots, the Astros hold the top spot. Eric Davis will be in attendance, so I kind of hope the Reds nab some rangy CF/SS type.

There's a Draft Tracker available here via MLB. This here thread will be updated in a freewheeling and hopefully entertaining process; I think we will have individual "player pages" for the guys (or, hopefully, the Reds will break some ground and draft a woman) the Reds draft, but the comments and the action will be here.

We have had Thundering Turtle around in the past to give the big scouting reports. That unfortunately won't be the case this time, so please, if you find any information on any of these players, please let us know.