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Play Suckly for Buckley! Reds lose 6-1

There's a draft going on tonight. Play attention to that, not this.

One. One stinking run.
One. One stinking run.
Joe Robbins

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Todd Frazier went 2-4 , which meant he had 66% of the Reds' hits. As Wick said...well, I'll just let Wick say it.

There are no honorable mentions. There was nothing honorable about today.

Key Plays

  • This game started fun. Bumgarner's first pitch was laced by Hamilton, and a diving Pence was the only thing between him and a possible inside-the-parker. Frazier hit Bumgarner's second pitch for a home run. BP hit the third pitch for a single. Mesoraco hit the sixth pitch to the warning track. Unfortunately, the next 100 pitches. Reds were up 1-0.
  • A Panda single and Morse homer in the second made it 2-1 Giants. The dinger went into the second deck.
  • A Brandon Crawford (Brandon Crawford!) homer in the fourth made it 5-1 Giants.
  • Sean Marshall started the seventh with a walk and two singles to drive in Angel Pagan. 6-1.
  • Ok.


Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • The draft starts tonight! We'll have tons of information up for you! Hopefully! Since I'm stuck at my computer doing nothing until 1AM ET!
  • When a pitcher throws a breaking ball to Zack Cozart, I want to rush the field, yell at the pitcher for being a bully, then ask the ump why he doesn't do anything, then put my arm around lil' Zacky and tell him that it's okay, I'll get him an ice cream cone after the game.
  • Brandon Crawford would steal that ice cream cone.