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Red Reposter: Streaks are fun!

The Reds' current four-game streak is their longest of the season so far. So let's make like Leon and have it get larger.

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your life is slanted and Billy is the straight-up one.
your life is slanted and Billy is the straight-up one.
Joe Robbins

The big news from yesterday's 8-3 win isn't the stolen bases or Homer Bailey, it was a foul ball destroying Mark Sheldon's computer. CTR has the story (Sheldon, as an MLB employee, gets a new laptop free), but Sheldon's look of pure agony in the video is worth the click.

Before the game and his computer issues, Sheldon made mention of Hamilton being back, but Votto's on-field tests being postponed due to rain. It makes sense to not to amp up the degree of difficulty for a rehab, but it is exciting to think that Votto will be back sooner rather than later.

Not much else really going on in Redsland. The four-game streak is nice and we're all excited for the Draft at the end of the week, which we sincerely hope to have some coverage of. But until then, we have a few other small things:

JinAZ has a neat review of the big data coming to MLB as well as Pelotero, which seems like a really neat movie.

Grant Brisbee has funny pictures of Norichika Aoki, which I love.

I wrote about

Drazen Petrovic and the supernatural and carpentry and just kinda weird stuff at The Classical, which you should read if you're a fan of any (or all!) of those things.

Finally, if you're doing the SABRmetrics course at EdX, it is underway. We hope to have some threads talking about it, and if you want to join along, well, here's where to start.