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Farmers Market: Better Late Than Never

Jake Liscow has been begging for a Farmer's Market, and I was feeling froggy last night, so here it is.

We haven't done one of these all year, so this one is rather big.  I'm sure I made some mistakes.  Feel free to correct me.

Louisville Bats (29-30)


Felix Perez - The 92 29 year old has been having himself quite a year in AAA.  He was signed at the age of 24 or 25 and is finally showing that he could be a MLB bench bat.  On the season, he is hitting .307/.364/.518, which is good for a .881 OPS.  That is the highest on the Bats, out of players getting regular at bats.  He has 7 big flies and an 18/37 BB/K ratio.

Kristopher Negron - The man that received in the Alex Gonzalez trade is also doing well.  He has a .808 OPS and a .286/.348/.481 line on the season.  He plays some pretty good defense, and looks like he can play every position.  He was rumored to make the Reds out of spring training, but they went with Ramon Santiago instead.  He's probably nothing more than AAA fodder, but it doesn't hurt to keep him around.  He can even pitch a little bit.

Jumbo Diaz - The former large guy that has turned into just the big guy has been lights out.  He is running a 1.69 ERA in 26.2 innings with 14 saves.  The 23 strikeouts to 9 walks looks pretty awesome as well.  The only thing keeping him from the playing with the Reds is the fact that he isn't on the 40 man and other guys (Ondrusek) are out of options.  I want him on this team.


Ryan LaMarre and Josh Fellhauer - LaMarre has been hurt, and Fellhauer was promoted relatively recently.  They have both also been awful.  They have .610 and .609 OPS's respectively.  Ryan LaMarre is one hell of an athlete, but hasn't been able to stay on the field or perform.  I'd try to give Fellhauer the benefit of the doubt because he was promoted from AA and only has 29 AAA at bats.  However, he sucked in Pensacola as well.

Chad Rogers - He doesn't have one start on the year.  He owns a 4.50 ERA in 30 innings.  He has walked 20 and struck out 28.  Get better Shark Bait.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos (24-35)


Steve Walks So Selsky - He's getting on base (.406), but hitting with no power (37 ISO).  I'm gonna give him a happy shout out for the walks, though.

The Starting Pitching - Jon MoscotLove (2.33), Michael Lorenzen (2.80), Daniel CorciNO (3.27), and Bob Steve! (3.39) has been pretty damn good.  Stephenson has been had some bumps along the way, but has put together several good starts.  Corcino is still having control problems, but he is keeping the runs off the board.  We should be seeing some promotions soon.  SOOON.


The Offense - Man has is sucked.  It's basically the reason the Blue Wahoos have a losing record.  You can win games if you don't score any runs.  Here are some players of note with their current OPS.  Devin Lohman (.689).  Travis Mattair (.623).  Juan Duran (.620).  Yorman Rodriguez (.594).  Brodie Greene (.583).  That's five every day players.  The Southern League is basically hell for hitters, but it shouldn't be this bad.

Yorman Rodriguez - Rodriguez started out the year hot.  If I remember right, he was hitting over .300 in April.  It wasn't with much power, but he wasn't playing horribly.  May and June have been a different story.  He is hitting .231/.275/.319 this season.  He has 2 home runs and a 10/46 BB/K ratio.  It might be time to start worrying folks.  All the tools mean nothing if you can't put up numbers.

Bakersfield Blaze (38-21)


The Offense - I don't even know where to start.  Just read below.  I have to talk about them all.

Jesse FREAKING Winker - In 172 AB, Winker has destroyed the California League.  He is OPSing 976.  His slash line is .320/.417/.558.  He is 20 years old.  He has a 30/38 BB/K ratio.  He is 20 years old.  He has 9 Winkerbombs and 14 doubles.  He also missed a week with a concussion.  Buy the kid a ticket to Pensacola already.

Seth Mejias-Brean - Another guy that needs a promotion.  He has just been filthy with a .304/.404/.474 line.  He has 9 HR, 6 2B, and 3 3B, which seems really weird.  I'll say that is more of a product of the Cal league than anything else.  Bakersfield inflates homeruns and deflates extra base hits.  I don't know if that is saying more about Mejias-Brean or Jesse Winker.  Call them both up.  Brean has a 39/40 BB/K ratio.  DROOOOOLS

Ryan Wright - This is for Wick more than anything else.  He is hitting .309/.341/.489.  The power is good, the plate discipline could be much better.  He has 7 HR, 17 2B, and 2 3B on the year.

Juan Silva - I'm not writing this much about our prospects without talking about my boy Juan.  He isn't hitting for any power (93 ISO), but he has a .384 OBP with 31 BB to 40 K.  He does have 14 XBH's on the year, which isn't terrible.  He hasn't shown much power in his career, but his on base skills can't be argued with.  He's also doing some Billy stuff with 23 steals on the year.

The Rest of the Offense - David Vidal is killing it since taking a demotion to learn to catch (1.450 OPS).  Junior Arias is sitting at 1.056 in 33 AB.  Marquez Smith has .954 in 207 AB.  He has 11 homeruns, but he's old.  Beau Amaral is at .949 in 93 AB since him promotion from Dayton.  He has 10 doubles.  Kyle Waldrop is still riding some high statistics from his quick start with a .335 BA and a .843 OPS.

Ben Lively - There just isn't that much more he can do.  His last couple of outings has been pretty rough, and it has inflated his ERA to a ridiculous 1.95.  He has 86 K and 13 BB in 74 innings.  Let that sink in for a bit.  He's only given up 50 hits.  I'd say give him a couple more starts, and send him up to Pensacola with Winker and company.  He has nothing else to prove.


Drew Cisco - With as good as Lively has been Drew Cisco has been as bad.  He has a 5.86 ERA in 66 innings, and just isn't fooling anyone.  He has given up 89 hits and only struck out 41.  He is still being stingy with the walks with only 12, but it doesn't matter if they are hitting the ball everywhere.  I hope that he can start to turn it around.  He is one of those high floor, low ceiling guys.

Dayton Dragons (29-27)


Sebastian Elizalde - The 22 year old International Man of Mystery is tearing up Single A.  He has a .329/.453/.546 line for a sweet .999 OPS.  Early in the season, Elizalde was an unknown, which he still rather is.  He was walking and getting hits, but recently he has started to hit for some more power.  He has spent his entire career in the Mexican League (which is supposedly equal to AAA, but I rather doubt it).  He put up decent numbers there, and has had one hell of a debut in America.  He also has 9 steals, to go with 7 caught, and has played all the OF positions to go with 1B.  I just want you to know everything about him because he's super cool.

The Starting Pitching - Oh man, outside of Amir Garrett, these guys have been lights out.  Daniel Wright (2.06), Ismael Guillon (2.87), Sal Romano (3.00), and Nick Travieso (3.17) have been making up for the shortcomings of the Dragon offense.  Guillon and Travieso had some question marks going into this season and it is nice to see them rebound.  If the Reds want to make anything out Guillon, they will need to promote him aggressively due to options.  They have more time with Travieso, but he was a risky first round pick, and they took him over Michael Wacha.

The Bullpen - The relievers haven't been slouches, either.  Zack Weiss (1.35), Alejandro Chacin (2.60), Scott Brattvet (2.78), and Pedro Diaz (3.38) have been solid.  I don't know much about any of them, and so I'll just leave it at this.  You can look at the stats sheet.


Phil Ervin - The Reds 1st round pick from a year ago has gotten off to a slow start.  He apparently had super secret wrist surgery last year, and we can use that as an excuse.  He only has a .610 OPS on the year and only 1 home run.  He does have 17 stolen bases, so we know the athleticism is there.  Here's to hoping that his wrist continues to heal and we soon some big rebounds for the latter half of the year.  He still has plenty of time to turn this around.

Amir Garrett - The guy, apparently, still doesn't know what he wants to do with his future.  So far, in his young career it doesn't look like pitching.  He still has all the talent and potential in the world, but it is manifesting itself on to the mound.  He owns a 5.03 ERA in 48.1 innings.  He has a 1.70 WHIP with 24 walks and 37 strikeouts.  He is putting too many guys on the bases and isn't striking out enough.  We'll keep an eye on him, but he has been in our system for what?  3 years?  He still hasn't decided what he wants to do.

Quick Note - All stats are from June 3, 2014.