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Red Reposter - Homestand, Draft, & Giants

The Reds finally get a super-duper stretch of 10 games at home.

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A portrait of the left-fielder as an old man.
A portrait of the left-fielder as an old man.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Off-days are always a drag for baseball fans, but for the banged-up Cincinnati Reds, yesterday's break might well have been exactly what they needed.  Remember the awkward schedule they had to start their West Coast trip?  They headed West immediately following a Sunday night game against the St. Louis Cardinals, flew through most of the night, and then took on the Los Angeles Dodgers in a game that started earlier than typical West Coast games did.  That ultimately failed to slow down the Reds, however, as they mowed through the Arizona Diamondbacks to complete a winning trip, and they were then afforded the luxury of a decompression day back in their own beds.  Now, the San Francisco Giants roll in to town, and as Manny Randhawa noted for, they come in fresh off posting the best record in the National League in the month of May.  They'll face off against Homer Bailey, however, and we all know what happened last time David Dewitt pitched against the Giants.

The 2014 MLB draft gets underway later this week (June 5th, to be exact), and Mark Sheldon has some great notes at to help get you prepared.  Sheldon spoke with Chris Buckley, and the Reds' senior director of amateur scouting seems poised to pluck another crop of gems out of this year's group of potential draftees.  Buckley, his scouts, and the Cincinnati Reds in general have had a pretty amazing run of successful drafts - especially with their early picks - and considering the aging and expensive nature much of the roster is carrying, finding quick-movers who can help cheaply fill roles will be near the top of Buckley's priorities.  Along with drafting the best, most signable player available.

In his TML, or whatever, Paul Daugherty created something he and only he called Doc-o-metrics to suggest that the Reds aren't very good at baseball.  That was immediately after he-hyphenated-all-sorts-of-words-in-a-jumble, after he combinedseveraltogetherforemphasis, and prior to him sounding fascinated that people actually ride bicycles to work.  He then shockingly admitted that his initial pre-watch reaction to the series premiere of Halt and Catch Fire was "I don't care about computer-geek samurai, taking apart a prehistoric IBM laptop."  Take notes, kids; that's accountability at work.

C. Trent Rosecrans dug through the muck and bandages that accounted for much of the Reds' May, and he compiled a pretty dang thorough list of what happened, who did it, and how.  The Reds didn't have much of a May to a remember (especially if you were Jay Bruce, which I'm guessing you weren't), but thanks to much of the rest of baseball being as fragile as Mike Hampton post megadeal, they're still only 2.5 games out of a playoff spot.

Lastly, watching these things never gets old.  I just really, really wish he'd swung at one.