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Cueto/Chapman '16: For Efficiency. Reds win 6-2

The Reds' ace made short work of the Giants. That plus a long inning was enough.

That'd be the one jamming your mom.
That'd be the one jamming your mom.
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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Well, it's an easy one tonight. Johnny Cueto went 8.1 IP with only 3H, 2ER, 2BB, 3K. Two of those three hits given up were grounders arguably-bungled by infielders. He didn't have strikeout stuff and was gassed in the ninth -- forcing Chapman into the game -- but he was darn impressive. He's had two starts where he hasn't gotten out of the 5th and three complete games.

Uncommon props given to Billy Hamilton's 3-5 with a double and his 33rd SB, Frazier going 3-4 with a walk and a stolen base, and Bruce with a 2-4 night with his own stolen base. It was a good night up and down the batting order with Votto getting some scheduled rest.

Key Plays

  • It was scoreless through 4 as Bumgarner and Cueto matched zeroes, but the 5th was nice. Devin Mesoraco led off with a double, a Heisey single got him to third. Cozilla singled home the first run of the game, and when Cueto tried to sac bunt everyone over, Posey inexplicably went to third, where he was too late to get Cozart out. With the bases loaded, Hamilton hit a bloop to score Heisey and Cozart. Frazier than singled to get Cueto home, and after a BP groundout, Bruce singled home Hamilton. By the time Mesoraco came up for the second time in the inning, the Reds were up 5-0.
  • The Giants got some back in the sixth. Cueto walked the 8th-batting Brandon Hicks. Tyler Colvin pinched hit a triple into, erm, triples alley to bring in Hicks. A Pence groundout was enough to bring in Colvin, but Cueto worked around enough to keep the score at 5-2.
  • In the seventh, Todd Frazier singled and then stole second. A Jay Bruce liner to RF had enough topspin to force Pence to trap the ball with his hinged trigger hairs, which brought in Frazier. Bruce stole second too, but it was for naught. Still, Reds won 6-2.

Three Stolen Bases and no TOOTBLANgraphs

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • The Giants' postgame feed had not just Cueto giving jazzhands to the camera, but also Jumbo and Broxto standing next to each other behind him, like bodyguards. Heh.
  • Another 10:15 p.m. ET game for y'all tomorrow night.
  • I'm obsessed with my "The Reds do well if Billy gets on base twice" theorem, which Chester backed up by saying that the Reds are 13-5 in those situations. Something worth keeping an eye on going forward.
  • Totally lost for tunes suggestions. I don't listen to music anymore. I like Cold War Kids, though.
  • I'm sure I've shown this clip like a dozen times before, but I really want to get drunk with Cem Yilmaz one day. If you can find an English-subtitles copy of Av Mevsimi, I'd recommend it if you like modern noir. The song they're singing is catchy as heck.