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"Bob" to the Future: Stephenson and Winker in Future's Game

The Reds will be represented by two of America's finest young'uns in Robert Stephenson and Jesse Winker

Plus-plus stubble
Plus-plus stubble
Ken Inness

The Futures Game is probably the most entertaining part of the usually-screechingly-boring All Star Week that baseball puts on. Two Reds farmhands will represent the, um, Reds farmhands on July 13 in Minnesota this year.

Robert Stephenson and Jessica "Jesse" Winker will be on the American roster taking on the world's best prospects. Full rosters can be found here. In what is already a stunning upset, the American side has the better names led by Mookie Betts and Hunter Harvey (the latter of whom's parents must have been anthropologists).

Both Reds prospects are currently in Pensacola. Jesse Winker is 20 years old and 6'3, 210 pounds. In only 22 AA PAs he's got a .188/.408/.188 "Joey Votto batting whilst facing the catcher" line, but he was a fairly-incredibly .317/.426/.580 in 249 A+ PAs.

Robert Stephenson is a little less than six months older than Jesse and is listed at 6'3, 195 pounds. They must get mistaken for each other all the time. Stephenson's thrown 77 innings of 3.97 ERA ball, where he's been plagued a tad bit by HRs (1.1 HR/9) and walks (4.6 BB/9). That said, he's striking out a ton (9.4/9) and not giving up a ton of hits (6.9 H/9), so there's no telling what to make of those peripherals besides a need to have a bit more pinpoint command, which, dude's 21.

Last year in New York, the Reds were represented by Billy Hamilton, who went 0-2, and newest-Red Carlos Contreras, who went 2/3 of an inning giving up 3H + 1ER alongside 1K. I hope for better things from both the Reds' contributors this year. That said, if Jesse and Bob are wearing wishbone C ballcaps this time next year, I don't think anyone would complain.