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Organizational Injury Report 6/23/2014 - Shoulder Surgery To End Marshall's Season

Sean Marshall was placed directly on the 60-day DL and will undergo shoulder surgery

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Sean Marshall will have shoulder debridement surgery (removal of dead or possibly frayed tissue or foreign bodies) which will end his 2014 season.  Last week's injury update noted that Marshall did not pitch a single healthy inning for the Reds in 2014, as evidenced by his 7.71 ERA, notably diminished velocity, and very sparse workload even when not on the DL.  In 2013, Marshall pitched a total of 10.1 (very good) innings because of shoulder issues.  The problems come after three consecutive seasons of appearing in between 73-80 games, and a fourth season split between starting and relieving.  In short, Marshall had experienced a sustained heavy workload for a reliever before succumbing to constant shoulder injuries.  In this way, Marshall's history looks quite similar to that of Nick Masset's.  Masset had 3 consecutive seasons of appearing in between 74-82 games, and then lost two entire seasons to shoulder injuries, effectively just as Marshall has.  The natural question is whether this will end Marshall's Reds career, if not his MLB career.  Marshall is owed $6.5 million by the Reds for 2015, so he will be given every opportunity to try and rehab and make it back for some portion of that season.  It is perhaps not inconceivable that Marshall could return at the end of this season, though no one should count on it.  Nick Masset has returned to action this season with moderate effectiveness for the Rockies, so that gives some hope for Marshall's return in 2015.  However, Masset was 2 years younger than Marshall when undergoing his rehab to resurrect his career.  If Marshall isn't able to return and be effective in 2015, his 3-year contract will have produced negative WAR.

Brandon Phillips left Sunday's game against the Blue Jays due to a bruised foot from fouling a ball off his heel.  As long as he didn't break a bone, this should be nothing more than a day-to-day problem which will clear up quickly.  Johnny Cueto appeared to cramp up while running the bases in that game as well, but he remained in the game to pitch two more innings, so there is likely no cause for alarm.

In minor league news, AAA pitcher Brett Marshall began rehab games on June 6, meaning that his rehab time expired on June 20.  At that time, the Reds removed him from the 60-day DL and optioned him to AAA.  At that same time, pitcher Trevor Bell was moved to the 60-day DL to provide a roster spot (and because his rehab time would have expired on the 20th as well, otherwise).  C Corky Miller was placed on the 7-day DL on May 22, SP Pedro Villareal was activated on June 21 after missing 10 days with a strained forearm, RP Nick Christiani was activated on June 22 after missing 8 days, pitcher Chad Rogers was placed on the 7-day DL on June 16 with shoulder tendinitis, and OF Felix Perez was placed on the DL retroactive to June 19.

Pitcher Radhames Quezada was assigned to A+ Bakersfield on April 3, and appears to have been placed on the DL effective to that date.  He had pitched 1 inning in A- Dayton before then, and that is the only inning he has pitched this season.

At A- Dayton, RP Zack Weiss spent exactly one month sidelined with elbow tendinitis, and was activated on June 19.  Lastly, RP Austin Salter was assigned to Dayton on June 11 and has been on the DL since at least that time.   RP Joe Montani is also currently on the 7-day DL for Dayton, but I have no idea when he was placed there, or for that matter where he came from or who he is.  He has no professional pitching history, and he was not drafted by the Reds this year.