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Open Thread/Off Day SiS - Hypotheticals, Movies, and Other Junk

Since there's no game tonight I figured you jokers would want something to talk about.

Ezra Shaw

Please answer all questions fully, grades will be posted tomorrow. Or talk amongst yourselves. Whatever.

1) Worldwide famine/disease has struck and only 5000 people survive due to being immune/lucky. You've been tasked with rebuilding civilization. Where should home base be and what do you do differently this time around?

2) Give me your five favorite movies from 1994, in order. There's a ton of material to work with.
(Bonus question - Rank the 3 Jim Carrey films that year, Ace Ventura, The Mask, Dumb & Dumber)

3) If you could bring back one discontinued product, what would it be? This is not constrained to food products, mind you.

4) What's the worst physical pain you've ever experienced?

5) Aliens communicate with Earth and say they'll be here in 30 days (they were in a valley and couldn't get a signal, give them a break). What do you do in those 30 days?

6) You die and go to heaven, you get to ask one question and be told the truth no matter what. What do you ask?

7) What's something everyone should be able to do that you are ashamed to say you suck at?

8) What's your best "I can't believe I just got this lucky" moment?

9) How much control do you feel you've exerted on your life as it's played out so far?

10) Would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?