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Red Reposter: The only team with "Red" in the nickname

Things are looking good in Reds-land. Things are looking good all over the good country.

Grimace like a pirate day!
Grimace like a pirate day!
Joe Sargent

When reading prospect-prospectus articles, a thing you don't want to read is "adversity at a young age and in the Minor Leagues is very important for prospects to face." But that's what Manny Randhawa has in his interview with Reds' minor league director Jeff Graupe. There are definitely positives; Graupe is high on Lorenzen and Winker the same way that one gets high on heroin or caffeine, but he's worried about Ervin and Stephenson. Anyways, he has a lot of good quotes and speaks frankly. That's definitely the Read Of The Day.

Nick Howards threw 4 innings of relief yesterday in a 15-inning walkoff 'Hoo win, if you're looking for what's either very good or very terrifying news.

If you're looking for a great lede, you could do worse than "Bryan Price said he was able to have a late breakfast, nap and watch TV when the Reds had an off-day on Monday." Stephen Pianovich's Reds Roundup talks about the returning Votto + Latos, the Hamilton/Polanco matchup, and this great tidbit: "Frazier was hitting .303 with a .727 slugging percentage in the first inning this season entering Tuesday."

The Reds have a 7:00 p.m. ET matchup tonight where Alfredo Simon will take on Edinson Volquez in quite the whelp-worthy matchup. Volquez is keeping his walks down this year, but that doesn't mean he's very effective. Should be a weird game to watch.


Although not technically "Reds" news -- and my deepest apologies here for covering freaking football -- but the US Patent & Trademark Office cancelled the "Redskins" trademark for Washington's football club (and not the one Brendan roots for). "The mere existence of differing opinions cannot change the conclusion [that "Redskins" is disparaging]," explains the ruling. Which, yeah, you can't just say that a term isn't offensive because it doesn't offend you is the gist of it.

Without the ability to trademark the name, it means that the Washington franchise can't stop anyone else from making gear with the name on it, which is where a whole lot of money comes from. It's basically a free-market way of shutting down the nickname. It doesn't necessarily mean that other teams (i.e. the Cleveland baseball team) will have to get rid of their names, since the term "Indian" is a lot more comfortable; the US' office dealing with Native Americans is the Bureau of Indian Affairs and all. Still, it would perhaps give a window to allow the courts to do something similar for Chief Wahoo.

The real fun is wondering what name Dan Synder will think of next. Apparently he has trademarks to boring stuff like Warriors, Bravehearts, Americans, etc. etc. Also apparently people are just snapping up team nicknames in Washington to patent-troll Dan Snyder, which is both a weird use of patent law and freaking hilarious. I'd personally hope that he would take "Washington Grays" from the Negro League team and do something with that, but we'll see.

This is pretty great news, though, for everyone grossed out by the whole profiting-off-of-the-destruction-of-civilizations thing. I even wrote a 'splainer about it for the big board.


That's kind of it for today, but that should be enough to talk about. In semi-related news, the Fourth-of-July caps this year are AWFUL, but that's really not news but more of you knew it was gonna happen.