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Second-Hand News: Reds nearing deal with Raciel Iglesias

I hope you like young Cuban fireballers.

Koji Watanabe

This was tweeted in the wee hours of the morning:

The news hasn't been picked up and verified by any mainstream news agencies yet, you know, like MLBTradeRumors, but it's interesting enough to warrant some coverage given the relative paucity of anything interesting happening on the news front in a good long while around here.

MLBDailyDish discussed here his showcase for major-league scouts just before the draft. He's kind of a little fella, standing a hair under 6' and weighing a good sack of potatoes under 200 lbs. He has pitched in relief for Cuba, most notably in the 2013 WBC, but there's talk that he could have the stuff to become a starter if his signing team so desires.

I'm all about giving a talented Cuban pitcher the opportunity to succeed as a starter before moving him to the 'pen ... (long pause) ...


If the numbers in Wildstein's tweet are correct, Iglesias' contract will be just about exactly half of what the Reds gave Aroldis Chapman back in 2010. Hopefully we will hear more on this soon, so stay tuned.