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Billy's got my heartbeat running away. Reds win 6-5

Reds and Brewers share big innings, but the Reds added one in the 9th to pull out the win. Sorry that I'm getting to this late.

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Carlos Gomez' bat speaks Spanish. Devin Mesoraco doesn't.
Carlos Gomez' bat speaks Spanish. Devin Mesoraco doesn't.
Mike McGinnis

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

1-5 with a single and a stolen base usually isn't enough to get this honor, but Billy Hamilton's go-ahead single in the 9th to bring in Zacky Coz was the winning run and off of a very tough pitcher, so props for that.

Honorable mentions go to Todd Fraizer's 2-4 with a BB night, Jay Bruce's 2-4 with a 2b, and Zack Cozart's 2-3 with a walk. A well-rounded effort to be sure. Broxton and Chapman also get props for closing down the game after being worked pretty heavy in the Dodgers' series.

Key Plays

  • Things started well enough. Frazier singled in the first, and after Votto flew out, well, let me put it this way; the official scorer said "With Brandon Phillips batting, Todd Frazier advances to 2nd base on a caught stealing error by Matt Garza." Phillips singled home Frazier, and the Reds were up 1-0.
  • Aramis Ramirez doubled home a walked Carlos Gomez in the fourth to tie the score.
  • Oh ho ho, but the fifth. Cozart started things off with a single, and a poorly-fielded (by Garza, of course) Bailey bunt put runners on 2nd and 3rd for Billy Hamilton, who flew out to CF. Frazier and Votto singled to bring home the bottom of the order, and a BP sac fly and a JB double brought home the top of the order. The Reds were up 5-1 and looking fly.
  • All was well until the seventh, but dang, the seventh. Khris Davis led things off with his 11th homer of the season. This was followed by a Mark Reynolds single, a Falu sharp lineout, a Jordan Freakin' Shafer single to chase Homer Bailey (who was doing wonderfully through 6), and then LeCure allowed a Scooter Gennett single to bring home Reynolds. After stringing out Ryan Braun for the second out, LeCure allowed a LuCroy single (to bring home Schafer) and a Carlos Gomes double to bring home Gennett. That chased LeCure, and Logan Ondrusek was able to get Ramirez to ground out to end the threat. Still, the Brewers were able to tie the game.
  • It was looking like shaping towards extras, but you know what I say, never count out Zack Cozart when the game is on the line. The NL leader in saves and gentleman giving up ~5H/9 allowed a Cozilla single. After Ramon Santiago (?) bunted him to second, Billy Hamilton was able to bring home Zack. Reds were up 6-5, and Chapman closed it out with two strikeouts and a grounder to win.

FanGraph That I think is saying "MMMMMMUR"

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • I didn't watch this game, but I caught the 5th and 7th innings on the radio which was basically enough.
  • The Brewers were doing some ring of honor thing and C. Trent was knocking on the Brewers 1990s jerseys, which I love. But still, which Brewers players from the 1990s were being inaugurated?
  • Bob Uecker is good enough to make a Bud Selig interview entertaining.
  • Today felt very first-day-of-summer to me, which I celebrated by blasting Super Bass on my walk home.
  • Ever since the Ting Tings disappeared, we haven't had a really satisfying call-and-response naive chorus for a while. Thankfully, this tune.