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Farmers Only: Lousiville Can't Win Without Votto

Or Latos

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Louisville missed their Votto, and lost a game to Pawtucket 4-3.  Brett Marshall had trouble finding the plate, again (2.1 IP, 3 H, 3 BB, 1 K), but he actually didn't give up an earned run.  Tim Crabbe gave up one, but struck out 4 in 2.2.  Jumbo SHRIMP Diaz pitched 2 innings with 2 K's.  Your nightly Marmlol update saw him go 0.2 innings, giving up a hit, walking 2, striking out 1, and giving up the walk off run.  Thomas Neal had 2 hits and a double.  Neftali Soto had a double, RBI, and a walk.  Ruben Gotay and Chris Nelson also had two hit games.  Holmberg is on the mound tonight.

PensaCOOLa had the night off.  They'll play tonight with ‘Lil Cueto on the mound.

Bakersfield also had the night off.  Mike Dennhardt looks to pitch better against the MoDEEZ Nuts.

Dayton was rained out.  I guess if I only have to write about one game, I can spice it up a bit.

Farmers Only Other Notes

If you hadn't read it yet, Dougy Dirt posted an article about his thoughts on the draft.  I'd have to say I agree with him for the most part.  The Reds seem to have some kind of strategy, which is working, for turning college closers into starters.  Nick Howard out of Virginia has good stuff, and if he can stretch it into starting, it could be a good pick.  Being able to throw 98 MPH never hurts.  Alex Blandino is an interesting case.  I'm a believer in his bat, but it depends on where he can play. He is a shortstop, but isn't predicted to stick.  If for some reason he ends up in left field that could be a problem.  I'm not a fan of the Taylor Sparks pick, just because of his plate discipline.  He has a ton of tools, but I'm a bigger fan of picking toolsy players from the high school ranks.  It gives for more development time.  Plus, we picked Kevin Franklin last year, and it seems like they have a very similar skill set.  Mr. Dirt also has some more in depth scouting reports for the rest of the draft.

Really you should give his site a read.  Don't quit reading Farmers Only because we got the funnies.  However, Doug Gray does a pretty good job and deserves some cred.

I'm mostly excited for the picks in round 4-11.  The Reds picked up a kid named Gavin LaValley.  As soon as the Reds picked him, I got excited.  He is praised for his bat speed, and is quite athletic for being considered a DH type.  He was a bigger guy, and played center for his high school football team, but lost 30 pounds before the draft.  You can never go wrong with quality bats, and he has already signed.  The Reds also picked up quite a few hard throwers, and many of these picks have already signed.  I'm not a draft expert, but I'd like to think what the Reds did in the first ten rounds or so was pretty good.

John Sickels also has his NL Central Draft Analysis up.  I'd give it a read, and gives some solid analysis of the Reds' picks.  He seems to be high on Howard.  He also thinks Sparks has enormous tools, but dropped because of his plate discipline concerns.  I also like it when smart people agree with me, and he is pretty high on LaValley.  I didn't read about what the other teams did because I don't care about them.  Sickels is cool, too.

That's all I really got.  To spice up your morning, let the Swedish Chef make you breakfast.