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Red Reposter - Beantown Bound and Down

A few cursory notes and links.

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Mash 'em off the mahnstah, will ya?
Mash 'em off the mahnstah, will ya?
Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Reds will take on the Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park tonight, the first of two games they'll play in Boston before another off day on Thursday (you're the best, Bud Selig), as's Ian Browne notes.  Browne notes that the Red Sox have also struggled in one-run games so far in 2014, posting just a 3-8 record in them so far.  I'll note that JinAZ's super amazing series preview will be up here in a few hours, and that'll probably talk a lot more about the actual upcoming series than the 1975 World Series.  Stay tuned.

Did I mention the 1975 World Series?  Bill Chuck of has an idea for that in his quick preview of the upcoming two game series.

Remember when we broke down the Reds' April?  C. Trent did for the Cincinnati Enquirer, too.

The Reds are banged up badly right now, and Jay Bruce's recent knee injury and surgery just made things a ton worse.  Sports Illustrated's Cliff Corcoran breaks down what that - and other injuries - mean for the Reds, and pretty much wonders aloud whether they'll have enough to wade through the next month and still be viable.  Man, that sounds gloomy.

Even wonder what goes into some of the crazy, newfangled stats that get lobbed around here, and elsewhere, any time anyone has an argument they want to support?  Friend of the blog and ZiPS creator Dan Szymborski took the time to write about how ZiPS came to fore for The Hardball Times, and it's a great read.  He details the issues he's had with it and what he's learned in the process of using it over the years, and it's some great insight into what's worked, what's required tweaking, and what issues he's run into while maintaining it.  Hi, Dan! announced the top 25 teams in merchandising sales among all affiliates, and the Pensacola Blue Wahoos made the cut.  I don't have much to add to this aside from the fact that I love a good hat, and there are some damn fine hats on display here.  Well done, Pensacola.