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Third Bat of Brados says "Not Today" - Reds win 3-2

A pair of doubles by Frazier, a homer by Brandon Phillips, and a stellar Bailey start get the Reds the win.

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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Brandon Phillips has been moderately beleaguered so far this year, and it was quite a dinger to go 1-4 in the game. The Reds need a .270/.330/.440 stretch from him without Votto or a healthy Bruce, and this is at least a start.

Honorable mentions to Todd Frazier (2-4 with 2 doubles), Brayan Pena (3-4 with a double) and Billy Hamilton (1-4 with a double). Homer Bailey's 7IP, 5H, 2ER, 1BB, 6K performance is also worth a fair amount of dap.

Key Plays

  • The Reds were eager to draw blood, and Todd Frazier batting second meant a one-out double in the first. Brandon Phillips followed that with a home run, but that musta killed the rally because those were the only two runs, putting the Reds up 2-0.
  • In the second, the Reds had Brayan Pena on 3rd with one out. Unfortunately, the two batters after him were Zack Cozart and Homer Bailey, so no run to be had.
  • Justin Turner led off the fifth by being his Annoying Little Self, getting a double. A Butera grounder brought Turner to third, and Mesoraco let the ball slip through his wickets to allow Turner to score, making it 2-1 Reds.
  • However, the next half-inning saw a leadoff double by Frazier. BP moved him to third with a grounder, and a Kershaw wild pitch got Todd to Pull a Turner. Reds up 3-1.
  • Homer gave up a dinger in the 7th to Puig. Dingers! Reds up 3-2, where it would stay.
Fangraph of tenseness

Source: FanGraphs

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