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Reds Cub, Washington Capitol-izes. Nats 9, Reds 4.

Painful, that was.

This will look great with a super-zoom-in.
This will look great with a super-zoom-in.
Patrick Smith

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Key Play Maker of the Game

There have been two constants for the Cincinnati Reds in this awkward, depleted, nerve-wracking season:  defense, and Johnny Cueto.

Unfortunately, neither held form this Tuesday evening.  One - as a catalyst - put the other - as the damage controller - in consistently precarious situations, and they were mutually detrimental to each other's previously impeccable records in a 9-4 loss.

Cueto was victimized by 3 errors that extended his innings and added early strenuous pitch counts & baserunners, and Cueto himself allowed more bloop hits than he'd seen all season long.  As a result, the Reds faltered early, and with the bulk of their season's offense on the bench or on the shelf, they were unable to recover.

Tonight's JNMHSotG was Todd Frazier, again, as the righty went 1 for 2 with an RBI and a pair of walks, though his error as the makeshift 1B allowed a runner that would eventually score.  Relatedly, Ramon Santiago's error as the replacement 3B while Frazier replaced the replacement at 1B also allowed a run to score, and I should probably go ahead and add that Brayan Pena's error as the replacement C did the same.

In all, Johnny Cueto entered the Bottom of the 6th inning with 0 ER, 5 K, a 0.80 WHIP, and a pitch count in the low 60's, but a cavalcade of soft singles and the litany of early dinks proved to be too much to overcome.

We'd be lying to each other if we really didn't see this coming.

FanGraph Section as Exciting as Gigli

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Other Notes

  • The Reds have shown an uncanny knack for scoring early, giving away the lead, and showing no real ability to regain it.  That's the byproduct of a depleted roster and a woeful bullpen.
  • Of the 8 non-pitcher positions on the field, 5 were filled tonight by players not expected to be everyday players at those positions.
  • Remember Brayan Pena's awesome start?  He's now sporting a .680 OPS.
  • 15 innings of pain, a loss by an ace, and a thorough beatdown aside, the Reds still have a chance to win the series against the Nationals with a victory tomorrow.  Tanner Roark will take the mound for Washington against a starter-turned-reliever-turned-starter for the Reds.  The game is at 4 PM EST.
  • Joey and Jay are close to being back, Mat Latos is about to head out on rehab assignment, and it's about to be a holiday weekend.  Set your alarms & snooze buttons with that in mind.
  • Apropo Tunes.