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Homer again a bad name for a pitcher. PHI 12, CIN 1.

The Reds sent out a woeful lineup and got smacked accordingly.

Harry How

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game


About that...

Key Plays

  • The Cincinnati Reds followed their pattern from the previous game of jumping out to an early lead and doing nothing offensively afterwards, but tonight that was nowhere near enough.  Cozart hit a 1-out double in the Top of the 1st, and after a walk to Brandon Phillips and a swinging bunt from Todd Frazier loaded the bases, a slow grounder from Ryan Ludwick plated Cozart.  Reds led, 1-0.
  • Homer Bailey escaped unscathed from allowing 2 runners on in the Bottom of the 1st, and he made it into the Bottom of the 4th having not allowed a run.  Unfortunately, he was subsequently hit around like the Phillies were trying to pound him into a perfect quarter-pounder.  Walk, double, double, dinger, single, sac, and single drove Homer to an early shower, and once Logan Ondrusek was called upon to take over, the song remained the same with a single, wild pitch, and single.  When the dust settled, the Phillies had batted around, and 6 runs had scored.  Reds trailed, 6-1.
  • Sean Marshall was brought on to pitch the Bottom of the 7th, and he was every bit as ineffective.  Marshall faced 7 batters, got just a single out, and allowed five more runs.  Reds trailed, 11-1.
  • Sam LeCure got dingered up by Cesar-Ramon Izturis-Hernandez in the Bottom of the wowthisgameisstillonth, and that wrapped things.  Reds lose, 12-1.
FanGraph Uglier than What You Wore to Prom a Decade Ago

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Other Notes
  • The only thing between the Reds' depleted lineup and a shutout last night was Devin Mesoraco, and he got the night off tonight.
  • Todd Frazier and Brandon Phillips were the only two "dependable" bats in the lineup tonight.  Their OPS's from last year:  .721 and .706, respectively.  That's a 1-run kind of lineup.
  • That doesn't excuse the pitching performance at all, however.  Homer Bailey fooled basically no one, and it took him a ridiculous 92 pitches to get through 3.2 innings of getting shelled.  Sean Marshall was somehow worse, Logan Ondrusek looked shaky - at best - while somehow not allowing an earned run, and J.J. Hoover's clean inning finally lowered his ERA below 9.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers were shut out by the Chicago Cubs this afternoon, and that was the only thing preventing the Reds dropping 8 games out of 1st place in the NL Central.
  • Remember when the Reds had the best run differential in the division?  Yeah.  Now they don't.  They've scored just a single run more than they've allowed this year.  You're still a jerk, Pythagoras.
  • The Reds are now 1-5 in Saturday games.
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