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Farmers Only: The Bakersfield Blaze Say No!

They won't go quietly into the night!

Wave freely little buddy
Wave freely little buddy
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

  • Louisville's bullpen decided they don't like the new comer David Holmberg. Since they were being jerks the Bats lost 6-5 to the Columbus Clippers. They're really just a bunch of bullies. Pedro Villarealmeanie, Lee Snyde, and Chum Rogers all gave up earned run(s) in relief. It looks like Rogers inherited the runners then sucked it up. Holmberg had a ho-hum kind of night. He went 5 innings, giving up 2 earned runs, while striking out four. He also walked a batter and gave up a home run. Ruben Gotay decided to remind us he exists by hitting 2 home runs and driving in 3 runs. He was 2 for 4 on the night. Kris Negron also hit a doohickey, and Tucker hit a double in his return to AAA. They'll face off tomorrow at 11:35 am.
  • Pensacola had the night off because they're awesome. I bet they are drinking daiquiris on the beach, and wearing white pants. They play again on Wednesday in Huntsville at 6:30.
  • Bakersfield Blaze! THE BAKERSFIELD BLAZE!!! When I had wrote this FO last night Bakersfield had already come back from a 4 run deficit. Then, they gave up a bunch of runs. This FO was going to be rather depressing because it looked as if the entire organization was going to get swept. The Blaze was having none of that, and came back from another 4 run deficit. The Bakersfield Blaze did their best Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum impression, invading the mothership, planting a nuclear bomb, and blowing the Stockton Ports evil, alien asses to kingdom come! The Blaze would win 10-9, and was there some offense! Junior Arias hit his second boob prize of the season during his 2 for 6 night. He also had an RBI single to give him 3 RBI's on the night. Marquez Smith got super jealous and decided he wanted a squeeze, too. He hit another 2 run shot and added two walks to his batting line. The Affable Jesse Winker flicked a couple of doubles and had an RBI. Kyle Ain't No Walflower had two hits. His average is still above .500. The game was won in the 12th when the Ports walked the bases load and SS Juan Perez his a sacrifice fly to left. Then, he steered the spaceship through the alien and nuclear debris, crash landed in the desert, and smoked a victory cigar. The pitching did their best Randy Quade impression. They acted widely drunk and fanatical most of the time, but in the end really saved everyone's asses from imminent destruction. James Allen got the start and went 4.2 innings and allowed 5 earned runs. Then, Randy Quade sobered up a bit and Jimmy GOT A BRAIN MORAN! pitched 2.1 scoreless innings with 5 strikeouts. The metaphorical Randy Quade got shitcanned, again, as Ben Blehmish entered and promptly gave up 3 earned runs in 1 innings. The rest of the game Quade started drank coffee and learned how to fly a fighter plane and killed those alien, Cardinal loving, bastards! McMyne pitched 3 scoreless innings and Brooks Pinckard got the win with his scoreless inning in the 12th. THEY WON!!! THEY WON!!! JESSE WINKER IS THE PRESIDENT!!!
  • Dayton decided to leave their bats at home, as they lost to Peoria 1-0. It was a pitiful offensive performance by the Dragons. Phil Ervin was 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts. I hope you start hitting soon Phillip! Tanner Rahier had 2 singles, as did Carlton Daal. Sammy Diaz had 2 walks. Junior Morillo started the game for the Dragons. He pitched 5.1 innings giving up 4 hits and 1 earned run. He had a pair of strikeouts and walks. Dayton will try their luck again tomorrow at 7:40 CST against Peoria.