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Reds vs. Mets, Game 2: Preview/Prediction Thread


Cincinnati RedsRed Reporter
@ New York Mets Purple Row

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Citi Field

Johnny Cueto vs. Dillon Gee

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The Reds have had a couple of tough decisions go their way, but I'm still optimistic that it's not as bad as it feels. The beginning of the season always has high expectations attached, but when a team doesn't jump out to a hot start, it feels like we waited the entire offseason for nothing. Let's remind ourselves that it's only April 5, and beat the Mets today.

The Reds have Johnny Cueto on the hill, who comes off a hard luck season debut against St. Louis on Monday. He'll face Mets ace Dillon Gee, who gave up 4 runs in 6 2/3 innings against Washington on Opening Day.

The bullpen is pretty well rested, especially Sam LeCure, who was reportedly being "saved" for the end of the game last night. That's Dustyball if I've ever heard it.

Bullpen Log

Reliever 3/31 4/1 4/2 4/3 4/4 5 day totals
Nick Christiani
1.2, 17p
1.2 IP, 17 pitches
Logan Ondrusek 1.1, 17p -
1.0, 25p
2.1 IP, 42 pitches
Sam LeCure

0.0 IP, 0 pitches
J.J. Hoover
- 1.0, 28p
0.1, 4p 1.1 IP, 32 pitches
Trevor Bell
0.0, 18p
0.0 IP, 18 pitches
Manny Parra 0.2, 14p - 1.0, 17p
1.0, 20p 2.2 IP, 51 pitches
Curtis Partch
1.0, 24p

1.0 IP, 24 pitches