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Farmers Only: Silva Saves!

A champion is defined by the adversity he overcomes.

David Banks

Louisville went and got all stoopid tonight when they lost to Buffalo 4-1.  Jeff Francis was as boring as his name (7 IP, 4 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 5 K).  Curtis Partch redeemed himself with a scoreless inning in the eighth.  The offense bad bad bad bad bad.  They struck out 13 times.  Bourgeois hit a double.  Whatever.  Josh Smith and his 2.45 ERA start tomorrow against Rochester at 7:05 pm EST.

Pensacola didn't play because Lutz didn't want to wear pants.  Lutz will put his pants on tomorrow, and The Invisible Man will take the mound at 7:05 pm CST.  You won't know if he's wearing pants or not, because they are invisible, too.

Bakersfield ended up winning a wild game in the 9th by the score of 8-7!  Juan Silva was the hero of the game, hitting the walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth.  He's my hero every game.  I told you guys, but you wouldn't believe me.  You refused to vote for him in the RR CPR.  Sham on you!  Shame!  I stayed up for this game because I'm an idiot, but Silva hitting the walk off was totes worth it.  Anderson Juan Silva also had a RBI single during the game.  The Blaze were also carried by their two other stars.  Seth Major-Badass (Salutes!) was 3 for 4 with a run scored, a double, and 2 RBI.  Kyle Waldrop was 2 for 3 with a run scored, a double, and an RBI.  Unfortunately, the starting pitching.  James Allen gave up 6 ER in 3.2 innings, walked 4, and struck out 5.  Jake Johnson was the best Blaze pitcher of the night, striking out 4 in 2.1 innings.  Kyle McMyne picked up the win, but he did load the bases in the 9th.  Invisible Man Numero Dos will take the mound against Stockton at 7:15 pm PST.

Dayton had their game with Lansing suspended because the sky was leaking.  They were losing 4-2.  I think they pick the game up again tomorrow?  Do they do a 7 inning thing?  I don't know.  Minor league baseball is weird. *Edit* Our good buddy poojols has let me know that the suspended game will finish a full nine.  The second game will only go 7 and start at it's regular time. Amir Garrett got the start and was bad.  He gave up 3 ER in 3 innings.  He didn't walk a batter, though.  Silver linings.  Joel Bender struck out 2 batters in an inning.  Kiss his shiny metal ass.  Daniel Mateo was 2 for 2 with a double.  Jammy McGruderskins had an RBI single.  They'll probably play baseball earlier tomorrow, but they are scheduled to play 7:00 pm with Krampus on the mound.