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Red Reposter: It Got Better

The Reds are winning now, and thank goodness for that.

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Fun story: The Reds are 2-7 in one-run games and are 9-11 overall. The Pirates are 7-4 in one-run games and 9-12 overall. I get that the Pirates' bullpen is great and all, but if I were them I'd be wondering how many times I can cut the green wire without the bomb blowing up in my face.

Last night, the bomb blew up in the Pirates face. A dreadlocked bomb that wore #47, sending shrapnel in the form of groundballs (16 of them) throughout the infield.. This is why I'm not a sportswriter. Anyways, it'll be an interesting 7:10pm ET game tonight as Big Pasta tries to continue his magic facing Jelly Roll Morton, who has owned the Reds in games past. Should be a fun 'un.


The Reds Rap is pretty unexciting these days. Billy Hamilton feels fine in his hit-by-pitch foot, and has shown as much. Price feels good about JJ and LL, saying "We know they're certainly capable of pitching better than they have. I'm very confident they will." Latos is still waiting until he's allowed to pitch again, out in Bummerfield, and Ben Lively's been great in Bakersfield.


In CTR's BAR, he waxes about Cueto and compares him to Latos and Leake. Most interesting to me is that Johnny Cueto has given up seven stolen bases since 2010. He's good at other stuff too (though FIP hates him, but w/e) but good lord, seven stolen bases in now 4 years. He also is the first Red to have his first 1000 IP with the team since Tom Browning.


Eno Sarris really likes Cinnerman's fastball

. So does Cingrani himself, saying ""I've been making it work with pretty much one pitch. It's just all about where you put it and how hard you throw it."

He says that he's more comfortable in his change than his slider, but the changeup was scratched and he's building back into using it.

JinAZ is a bit more worried about Cingrani's walks. If Cingrani's going to rely on his fastball, he's going to have to be able to place it. Ol' Jinner is excited about how Tony's offspeed stuff is developing, but he's afraid there's going to be a weird in-between period where he tries to pitch off of his fastball but he doesn't have command of all three yet. Cingrani might be normal for a bit. That would be terrifying.

Baseballdivider_medium_medium had a really interesting writeup about the Pensacola Blue Wahoos (so named to avoid litigation from the University of Virginia Wahoos-cum-Cavaliers). They talk about the choice of pink as a color and how much the Blue-hoos love it, and how well Pensacola is working as a baseball destination.

Most interesting to me but a side-note to them is how colorful the Reds' minor leagues are. Dayton's green to Baker's black to Pensacola pink to Louisville purple. Neat, huh?


Grant Brisbee likes the Reds' old blue-and-red logo. So that's cool.


Cool .gif from The Score, showing the fastest men in baseball:


"But approach the president, and we go for the kill shot. Are we clear?" -- a thing once said to Mr. Met


Neat story about eating on the Faroe Islands. Lots of preserved (barely) meat.