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Reds at Pirates, Game 2: Preview/Prediction Thread

The look on Joey's face makes me wonder if Devin asked if he could ride Nibbles earlier.
The look on Joey's face makes me wonder if Devin asked if he could ride Nibbles earlier.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds

@ Pittsburgh Pirates

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
PNC Park

Johnny Cueto v. Edinson Volquez

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That was a tough one, last night. On the bright side, the Reds can still win the series and they'll take their shot with a less than healthy Pirates team due to the suspensions of Travis Snider and Russell Martin.

The pitching matchup is pretty interesting for Reds fans, as it's the current Opening Day starter against a former one in Edinson Volquez. Despite his first few starts not going super well, his last two have been quality ones, including a 2-run performance in 7 innings his last time out against Milwaukee.

The Reds will bring Johnny Cueto to the hill, who shut out the Pirates in his last start in Cincinnati. Despite his last start at PNC Park not going the Reds' way, he has a career 1.90 ERA there in 13 starts.

Speaking of Cueto, how about a little trivia to get us to game time? As of right now today, can you name the top 5 catchers who have caught Johnny Cueto in his career, by innings pitched? List your guesses in the comments.

Go Reds! They're my favorite team!

Bullpen Log

Reliever 4/17 4/18 4/19 4/20 4/21 5 day totals
Nick Christiani - - 1.1, 19p

1.1 IP, 19 pitches
Logan Ondrusek - - 0.2, 24p

0.2 IP, 24 pitches
Sam LeCure - 1.1, 18p
1.2, 24p
3.0 IP, 42 pitches
J.J. Hoover - - 1.0, 18p
1.0, 33p 2.0 IP, 51 pitches
Jonathan Broxton - 1.0, 15p

1.0 IP, 15 pitches
Manny Parra - 0.2, 11p
0.1, 33p 0.2, 11p 1.2 IP, 55 pitches
Sean Marshall - -
1.0, 26p

1.0 IP, 26 pitches