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Red Reporter Power Rankings: Week 3

David Banks

Happy Monday. After a good series in Chicago, it's refreshing to see the Power Rankings reflect a little positivity this week. Let's go.

1. Devin Mesoraco

How good has Mes been since returning to the lineup? He's hitting .515/.553/.970 so far, hitting .600 in the last week, and has hit in all 9 of the games he's started so far. Will Price move him up in the order at all?

2. Starting Pitching

A repeat offender on the list, the Reds' starting pitching has been even better. Homer finally got off the schneid with 6 shutout innings yesterday, and another great performance by Simon, along with Cueto's shutout make the Reds' rotation their strongest weapon right now.

3. Playing the Cubs

There's no better cure for a rough stretch than seeing the Cubs next up on the schedule.

4. Billy Hamilton

Sliding Billy has been gangbusters since the Cardinals series, and is hitting .389/.421/.444 in the last week, and has 5 of his 7 stolen bases in that time too. If that's what we're getting from our leadoff hitter all year, I think the Reds' offense will be just fine.

5. Ryan Ludwick

It certainly looks like Ludwick is back to his 2012 form, but he's broken out in a big way this past week, hitting .500/.545/.600. Answering the LF question was a huge priority coming into the year, and if Ludwick can do that, then the front office needs a little credit.

6. Neftali Soto, bench bat

He may have the smallest sample size, but his two hits in 5 AB should ensure that he keeps getting the green light with the other non-Pena bats not hitting.

7. Chris Heisey, bench bat

Despite a torrid spring, Heisey has cooled off since the season started. He's still a valid bench option, but he's not about to unseat anybody, even Billy Hamilton, who has struggled.

8. Roger Bernadina, bench bat

2 for 18 in 23 AB. Guh.

9. Dat Dude

Dat 3-hole hitter has been struggling. It's something that could be the result of his back "injury", but if he's really injured, he needs to take a seat and recover. He's hitless since then, and if last year's struggles are any indication, the Reds do not want him playing hurt all year.

10. Shortstop

Zack Cozart is hitting .153 so far this year, and his replacement is even worse. There's no depth in the system. We are stuck, so this is the worst.

See you next week!