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Red Reposter PM: One for the road

The Reds have Thursday off and then a 10-game stand. Here's to that just being a whole lot of fun.

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Andy Lyons

In case you missed it, Johnny Cueto allowed two fly balls this afternoon. Liriano allowed two wild pitches. So the 4-0 score was somewhat inevitable, but enjoyable nonetheless. You had Billy scampering, Votto home-running, and Johnny Cueto allowing two infield singles, a double, zero walks, and twelve strikeouts. Seriously; the man could've Satchel Paige'd and used seven infielders and the score wouldn't have been different.

Elsewhere in the Reds-o-sphere, Sean Marshall had a solid outing at Louisville, according to CTR. Chapman will throw his second bullpen session tomorrow and hang out with the team in the off-day, according to the Sheldon wrap-up.

Also, Aroldis Chapman is ripped and Jamie Ramsey is on it.


It's a long 'un, but when Chuck Culpepper gets a byline from Bara Village, Tanzania, you better read it.

David Robinson sounds like a pretty fascinating dude: "and I'm used to walking to I don't know, what is that, eight-hour walk, I've done eight-hour walks before" is some real Dusty Baker shit, and the kind of guy who moves to Tanzania to start a coffee company in the 80s is a guy with stories. Jackie Robinson's son? Well, he has stories. Culpepper's just the guy to tell them, too.

Sports on Earth also killed it with a fascinating look about the baseball teams at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Those baseball teams? As Shaun Powell shows, they're mostly white. It's an interesting article, though I don't really dig the "Baseball doesn't sell sneakers" point of view. I blame it on the addiction of football, but then again I would. Be curious to hear y'alls thoughts.

Diane Alexander White brought her camera to a baseball game in 1979. That game was Disco Demolition night, and she has the photographs. I just wanna be 22, drink cheap beer, and sweat through the summer while looking at these.

In the hockey world, Roberto Luongo stole his mask design from, which is kinda lame.

Grant Brisbee *gets* the Home Run King Debate. Hank Aaron is very good, and worthy of laudatories. Bonds is worthy of fear.

I had this one saved in case the Reds would be in a stinker. That's not the case, but you should still watch a slow-mo video of Phillies fans reacting to losing a game on a walk-off Dan Uggla home run.

Mostly for Scrabbles' benefit: Friedrich Nietzsche hired to write headlines for Upworthy:

You Will Watch This Video or Not and Find False Meaning In It If You Are a Fool