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SIS - Off Day

Who's ready to get weird?

Not pictured: pants
Not pictured: pants
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Every year it seems we do that "nice to meet you" kinda thread where we talk about what we do, where we grew up, and all that stuff. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, and since the Reds have the day off, let's do it some more! But this time, let's get down into some of the album tracks of your lives.

It's Brendanukkah's birthday today, you know. For better or worse, his influence has had a profound effect on making this one of the weirder places on the baseball internet. So in honor of him, let's get foolish.

1. How much TV do you watch? What is the most-watched channel in your house?

2. What kind of pajamas do you wear? Full flannel décolletage? Cotton t-shirt? Birthday suit?

3. What is the best prank or trick you have been involved in, either as the prankster or the victim?

4. Ancient civilizations have left cultural ephemera to those of us living thousands of years later. The Sumerians left us their cuneiform, the Egyptians left us their curious style of walking, and the ancient Hebrews left us the weather as a conversation topic. 5,000 years from now, what one major artifact do you think the future archeologists will identify with us? What do you want them to identify with us?

5. Deciduous or coniferous?

6. What is your favorite word? Your least favorite?

7. If you were shape-shifter, what would be your go-to animal form?