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Game 2 Reminder - Our annual RR outing is TOMORROW!

Andy Lyons

Just a reminder that our annual outing to Game 2 (now rebranded Opening Night(tm)) is tomorrow!

If you have tickets with us, make sure to pay me if you haven't. A reminder that you're more than welcome to send me money via PayPal or Venmo beforehand, and if I don't hear from you, I'm expecting cash tomorrow before you get your ticket. The cost for them was $21, send me an email to get this squared away so we don't have to worry about it tomorrow.

If you don't have tickets with us, we'd still love to see you! Our pregame will start around 5PM at Brothers on the Levee. With how nice it's supposed to be, we might be at the back of the bar/outside, so just look for a huge group and introduce yourself. We'll likely the there until 6:30-6:45, before our trip over to the stadium, where we'll be seated in section 142. Come out and meet your fellow RRs in person!

Questions? Let me know in the thread, otherwise we'll see you tomorrow!