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Spring Training Game 13: Reds vs. Angels

Baseball, for her pleasure.

Immediately pre-Vottosmash.
Immediately pre-Vottosmash.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds
vs. Los Angeles Angels

Sunday, March 9, 2014

4:05 PM EST
Diablo Stadium - Tempe, AZ

Johnny Cueto v. Tyler Skaggs

The Cincinnati Reds look to rebound from the pasting handed them yesterday by the Chicago Cubs, and the Los Angeles Angels are the first team to come calling.  Today's game is in Diablo Stadium in Tempe, AZ (Angel --> Devil --> Angeles --> Diablo), and since Marty explained yesterday that he'd never been to said stadium before, you can bet your britches that if/when the game hits the skids when the starters are pulled in the 5th/6th inning, you'll hear all about its quirks via platitudes.

Speaking of those lineups, they're pretty star-studded, as Phillips and Votto will start for the Reds opposite Trout and Pujols.  They may even arm wrestle if we're lucky.  Look for Johnny Cueto to get through 4 innings today, too, as Bryan Price and the Reds' braintrust continues to stretch out their SP arms.

Go Reds!  They're George Foster, Peteyhendrix, and *Scarlett Johansson's favorite team!

*unconfirmed, yet likely.



Chris Heisey CF Kole Calhoun RF
Brandon Phillips 2B Mike Trout CF
Joey Votto 1B Albert Pujols DH
Ryan Ludwick LF Howie Kendrick 2B
Todd Frazier 3B Ian Stewart 3B
Brayan Pena C Erik Aybar SS
Neftali Soto DH Hank Conger C
Roger Bernadina RF Chad Tracy 1B
Ramon Santiago SS J.B. Shuck LF