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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #26

Skipped over last night due to the night game, so we're a day behind. Deal with it.

5. Wily Mo Peña (-0.6 WAR)

He wasn't that great, but most of this bad value is defense and he got traded straight up for a 20+ WAR player. #26 is light.

4. Merv Rettenmund (0.4 WAR)

Rettenmund had some good seasons with Baltimore, but was mostly a bench player when he made it to the Reds in 1974. He ended up with 478 PAs with the Reds in 1974 and 1975, OPSing .669 in both seasons, oddly enough. He won a ring and will always be a member of the BRM, which is about as good as it gets if you ask me.

3. Duane Walker (1.6 WAR)

This is our second favorite Duane. Walker was an outfielder for the Reds from 1982 to 1985, mostly in a reserve role, but had a 153 OPS+ in 1984. The Reds got Buddy Bell out of him too, which is pretty excellent.

2. David Ross (2.3 WAR)

So close! Ross played for the Reds from 2006 to 2008, and continues to have one of the weirdest career arcs I've ever seen. Basically a career backup, something clicked when he got to Atlanta, and he's been well above average since. Weird. He did set his personal record for games played in a season with the Reds, playing in 112 games in 2007.

1. Junior Kennedy (3.7 WAR)

Junior Raymond Kennedy is your #26. He played 4 seasons with the number ('78 to '81), tying only Wily Mo and Walker for that honor, and had almost 900 PAs with that number as well. He also has the distinction of being "Sent to the Giants in an unknown transaction", which is not odd at all.