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Nothing happened so far and I'll have fun with the photo tool

Spring Training is quiet, so I'll steal from McCovey Chronicles and share amusing anecdotes from picture day.

never not terrifying
never not terrifying
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sorry. Not for the photos, but for having the only one of Corky be this beauty:


All other photos courtesy Joe Camporeale of USA Today.

Chad Rogers is not impressed


You'd feel the same way if you've been bitten by a gosh-dang shark.

Nick Christiani knows how to rage


Just call it a feeling. The stubble and the soft eyes cover for a chest tattoo of Slayer.

How large do you think Jonathan Broxton's hat is?


I don't even know what the largest hat size is. A 10? He's got to be an 11, then.

Dave Holmberg is my best friend on the team


Him and Sam LeCure are gonna be the best roomates once Dolmberg gets called up.

Trevor Bell is Sean Marshall's methy brother



...which really just begs the question of who Brett Marshall really is

Jeff Francis' head was not quite put on straight


shhh, don't tell him, you'll give him a complex.

Francis also may be the only person who looks more like Mr. Rodgers than Mr. Rodgers himself.

Alfredo Simon kinda reminds me of Kirby


that is, if Kirby had the world's smallest goatee.

Mack Jenkins is just so danged proud of you guys


Even if you don't win state, you'll still be winners in his book.

And most importantly, who has the best dimples on the team?

Joey Votto is the favorite in the clubhouse...


Homer Bailey has a chance...that is if he ever smiled


and Michael Lorenzen has a chance (though boy does fella need to eat some cheeseburgers)


please weigh in in the poll below. And thank you for joining us in today's very important baseball analysis.