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2014 Game 2 Roll-Call


It's time. I want to get a preliminary roll-call on who will be attending Red Reporter's annual Game 2 outing. Sign up in the comments, and once we'll get closer, we'll start talking about details. As always, though:

  • Price will be similar to last year, if I had to guess. Between $20-30 a ticket, depending on where we sit, which will be determined as we start the process.
  • Meetup generally happens in Newport pre-game. Park at the Levee, we'll cross the bridge as a group, and settle in to watch the Reds kick some Cardinal ass.
  • Other than that, that's about all you need to know.
Who's coming? I need to know sooner rather than later.

Also: if you'll be around for Opening Day, anyone want to meet and watch the game somewhere? Or for those going, go out before or after? Red Reporter season is rapidly approaching!