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Red Reposter celebrates (the real) Opening Day

Here's to baseball - and you UK fans.

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The Reds are of course hosting St. Louis to start the year
Koji Uehara ended last season by fanning Matt Carpenter to give Boston another championship. Carpenter and the Cards open this year in Cincinnati in what is objectively the most exciting series to start 2014. Game's at 4:10. If you need baseball before then, the Cubs open in Pittsburgh at 1:05. And if you're not clear on who's actually on the team at this point, check out our roster thread here.

I've been thinking about what Bryan Price means to the team's win total
Graham posted a survey, showing most of us think the Reds will benefit by a modest bump from the change at the top. My link is all teams with new managers in the last five years. The average bump? A little more than four wins. I don't want to read too much into this - I'm not controlling for anything like roster changes, for instance. And of course most teams are not switching managers when coming off 90 win seasons. But in the spirit of spring optimism, I do think Price is worth at least a couple of extra wins to this year's team.

Mr. Cueto is ready for OD
On his third straight opening start: "It's a great feeling, so much energy. It's the greatest thing in the world. The fans are fantastic, fanatic. Everybody wants that opportunity, to open the season." Cueto had some health issues this spring, but it looks like those are behind him now. Sure would be great to get 30 starts from the guy who still might be the team's best starter.

Nice story here on Pensacola owner Quint Studer
The Reds were rained out in a showcase game with the Blue Wahoos on Friday. It's a shame the community didn't get a chance to see the big leaguers - I saw a similar game in Zebulon a few years back and it was fantastic - but it takes nothing away from what Studer has accomplished in rescuing baseball in Pesnacola.

Joey Votto spoke again with Lance McAlister last week
All of the podcasts can be found here. We're lucky to have the game's most intelligent player, aren't we?

In addition to changes in personnel, there's been changes in the clubhouse
As in new pictures hanging inside the clubhouse. Better Off Red shows off the images.

Most of MLB adopted Apple's iBeacon for an enhanced ballpark experience
Not sure what this means. Some of you guys need to get your head out of the smart phone/spreadsheet/slide rule and watch the darn game.

In great detail, THT answers the Burns-Smithers Question
I.e., who had the better team between Burns' initial team of real old-timers or Smithers' more modern roster. It's closer than you think.

Opening Day: when you really find out what kind of mom you have
I promise, this is from HardballTalk, not some BuzzFeed quiz. Craig Calcaterra tells us about one of the cooler moms in Ohio.