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Red Reposter - Previewing 2014

Injuries, inactivity, inauspicious outlook

CBS Sports posted some pieces today previewing the 2014 Reds.

  • Team Preview - Young Billy Hamilton could be a difference-maker with his speed, the Reds will miss Choo's bat, injuries are mounting up. The rotation = biggest strength. Lack of hitters on base for Votto/Bruce = biggest weakness.

  • Over/Under - Place your bets!

    Wins: 87.5
    Place in NL Central: 2.5
    Jay Bruce's home runs: 33.5
    Billy Hamilton's stolen bases: 77.5
    Joey Votto's walks: 119.5
    Brandon Phillips's RBI: 72.5
    Homer Bailey's ERA: 3.45
    Aroldis Chapman's saves: 25.5
    Playoff games won: 0.5

  • Likes/Dislikes - Any surprises here?

Fangraphs has their "Positional Power Rankings" up for Catcher (Reds #26), 1B (Reds #2), 2B (Reds #10), 3B (Reds #18), SS (Reds #22), and CF (Reds #27). As Mibby might say... "WOOF!"

Baseball Prospectus Pre-Season Predictions - Reds are picked 2nd in the NL Central, Votto picked 3rd for NL MVP, Latos picked 6th for NL Cy Young, Billy Hamilton picked 2nd for NL Rookie of the Year.