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Game 2 Outing - Further Details

Joe Robbins

We're two weeks away from our annual Game 2 outing, so I wanted to share some details. Here's where we're at so far.

Meeting location:

We'll take our usual spot at Brother's on the Levee in Newport. Perks to meeting here include cheap parking, good happy hour specials, and usually more open space then trying to hit a downtown bar. Just make sure to bring warm clothes if it's freezing cold that day.

I'll be arriving between 5-5:30, but others may be there earlier. We'll be there until we leave for the stadium, which will be 6:45 AT THE LATEST. If everyone who has tickets with us gets there earlier, we can leave earlier. And if you don't have tickets with us, you're more than welcome to stop by and walk over with us! It's always a fun walk over.


New payment option this year. If you bought tickets with us, you can send me money through PayPal or Venmo instead of having to worry about cash on game day. Email me if you want to do that, though. Otherwise, I'll be expecting cash before I hand over your ticket. You have been warned.


Who knows. It's different every year, but most years some folks like to meet for a nightcap (or two, or four) after the game. We'll probably play that by ear, but if anyone has any suggestions that they want to plan, we can talk about that in this thread.

Should be an awesome time, and I'm really looking forward to it.