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Steve's Too Selsky For a Loss. CIN 5, CLE 4.

So Selsky it hurts!

Pints on pints on pints!
Pints on pints on pints!
Alan Crowhurst

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star(s) o' the Game

Selsky's prospect ranking was near dead

but that was not right, said Fred.

Just twenty-four,

He's primed to show more,

As his winner put Cleveland to bed.

Jay the Bruce came from Texas

And was lauded by Baseball Prospectus.

He walked once and scored,

Put one more on the board,

And today's win had him as the nexus.

Mr. Frazier's triple deserves note

As his speed seldom lets him gloat.

He's not Billy-fast,

But who needs that with blasts?

He'll hit them all off the riverboat.

The day was quite nice for young Leake

Who pitched like he's nearing his peak.

He struck out six,

Used a nice pitching mix,

And showed nothing of an abdomen tweak.

Finally, there's Joe Daniel Votto,

Whose hitting prowess is near auto.

He got singles twice,

With reflexes precise

Like he'd been brought up as a gato.

Key Plays

  • Jay Bruce blarney'd a colcannon in the Bottom o' the 1st, galloped to 3B when Ryan Ludwick's hit was bang on, and the lot of them swung around the gaff when Todd Frazier proved a cute hoor with his triple.  Zack Cozart promptly smacked a sac fly which a knackered Frazier legged out.  Reds led, 3-0.
  • Mike Leake had been full shilling through 3 innings, but he ran into a bit of it in the Top o' the 4th when he left a thick pitch up to that rugger bugger Nick Swisher, who banjaxed the shutout by hurling the sliotar halfway from Shannon to Brohio for a solo knock.  Reds led, 3-1.
  • A three-bagger from Lonnie Chisenhall to crank off the Top of the 7th proved brutal to a bunking off Pedro Beato, and the runs came bucketing down from there.  Lonnie scored on a sac fly from Mike Aviles, and after a series of singles and pinch-runners, Joe Sever proved a chancer as he scored on a knock from Tyler Holt.  Game tied, 3-3.
  • Jumbo Diaz pitched like he'd been spotted a bad dose in the Top of the 9th, and he was on the hook to be a right bowsie after walking three and spotting Cleveland a run for the lead.  But listen here, lassies & boyos, for you'll hear the tale of Steve Selsky, who gave a bazzer to the Indians hearts with a craic that'll go well with a pint of the black stuff for all the jackeens at the pubs.  Argenis Diaz and Ramon Santiago can claim a biteen each with a pair of right singles, but it was Selsky that rose up with a hit that'll be talked about for donkey's years.  Selsky proved Preston Guilmet a dosser, as Steve had a go at a double that made a haymes of Cleveland's day.  Get outta the garden!  Reds win, 5-4!
Graph Section That Needs A Splash of Jameson

Other Notes
  • If you're visiting the Land O' the Endless Strip Mall, make a holy show of yerself at the legendary Tim Finnegan's, would ya?  Get yourself hockeyed like a gurrier with the finest folks in the land, and enjoy being fluthered with some gammy Sheilas.
  • Jumbo Diaz is an odd yoke, though I hope his gaffes today were just him being shattered.
  • Time to load up on bambrack, have a gas, and get ossified!
  • Poor bogger caught one right in the bags!
  • Seamus O'Tunes!
  • And a Tunes O'Sullivan!