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Opening Day Countdown: Quintessential Red #17

New week, back at the countdown.

Honorable mention: Terry Crowley, Laynce Nix, Javier "The Latin Love Machine" Valentin

5. Shin-Soo Choo (4.2 WAR)

This looks about right. Man, I miss Choo already. I have no idea how the Reds are going to go on without Choo this year. I just hope Choo can forgive us.

4. Eddie Joost (6.2 WAR)

Joost played for the Reds from when he broke into the league in 1936 to 1942, where he went to play in Boston before his service time. Joost was a light-hitting infielder, but could play all around the diamond, and was the Reds' primary shortstop in 1940 when they won it all. He passed away in 2011.

3. Tommy Harper (9.8 WAR)

Harper played for the team in 1962, but started wearing #17 in 1963. He played as an outfielder until 1967, and was fairly average for the most part. He did lead the league in runs scored in 1965. Trivia: how many runs did Harper have in 1965?

2. Aaron Boone (11.7 WAR)

Boonie! Boone the Younger played for the Reds from 1997 to 2003, mostly at 3B. He made the All-Star team once, in his final season here, and was promptly traded to the Yankees after that. He's now a successful commentator with ESPN.

1. Chris Sabo (17.3 WAR)

Rec specs. Spuds McKenzie. Chris Sabo embodied all that was fun about the 1990 team, and is a shoo-in for this honor. He made 3 All-Star teams with the Reds, including one in his rookie season, when he won Rookie of the Year. He his .271/.314/.414 that year, but made his mark on the basepaths with 46 stolen bases. He had a few stops later on in his career, but returned in 1996 to close things out.